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There was a Vass direct price list shared a couple of months back which included a small increase. Interested if they are increasing again.
Hopefully a custom made one will also be 'good'?Depends on your motivations. Do you value a recognisable brand? Do you want to carry specific things / cannot find something off-the-shelf that meets your needs? Would you like to work with a single person / small company to go through the experience of designing and waiting for something, or would you prefer to have it quickly and with no effort?
Second one
Work from what fits best. Take measurements.Send them to Luxire, ordering the test pants.Think about any construction / styling details you want to change. Don't try to switch too much, like taking measurements from dress pants but ordering jeans style.Get them.Wear them. Maybe launder them.Take a photo and send to Luxire asking for advice.Order another pair, incorporating their advice. If you are confident, order a good fabric. Otherwise stick with the test pants.Get to...
Hot dang. Sat on the fence 'til now, but those flannels look great so I'm in for four. Order placed.
Didn't work for me, but I learned a few helpful lessons in the process, basically worn once and still with spare buttons etc in a plastic baggie. Yours for the cost of a beer or two plus shipping to wherever. Fabric is a grey mid-scale herringbone that really pops in natural light, but it's pitch black here right now. Measurements as follows: 21 pit to pit 17.5 shoulders 25.5 sleeve 30.75 length from bottom of collar
Unicorn fur coat with hens teeth' buttons?
Sorry for the quick and dirty photos, I'll try and take better ones in daylight tomorrow. I purchased these when Vincci, an upscale menswear retailer on Jermyn Street was closing down. Double pleated, fairly classic fit. Retail was £250 a pair. Tagged as a Euro 46 / UK and US 30, but fitting slightly larger than that: Waist 31" Inseam 36" Front rise 11" Back rise 16" Hem width 9.25" I have: - One pair in Loro Piana Super 100s charcoal with a milled finish - One pair...
Would be great, let's hope Luxire can do a deal on them...
I picked these up in the Hackett sale over the summer but I have too many similar pairs so just looking to pass them on for what I paid. Carmina 'Detroit' last (usually considered a roomy last), UK10.5, in dark brown calf with a double leather sole. Tried on once in the store so a few marks on the sole, otherwise new and unworn. Come complete with box and Hackett shoe bags. Asking £160 plus shipping at cost worldwide. If you're in the UK I'll include shipping for free.
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