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One of the key reasons I buy fewer shirts from Luxire than pants - I've experienced different rates of shrinkage depending on fabric.I think they supposedly pre-wash the fabric to limit shrinkage, but I've treated my shirts no different from OTR and other manufacturers yet it seems to be more of a problem.
Bargain St Crispin's for tiny size 5.5 feet:
I have a length of dark navy Loro Piana Melton coating. I purchased this a long time ago but from memory it's 90% wool / 10% cashmere and about 24oz. Like much LP fabric there is no selvedge. I need to measure and confirm, I believe there are 4m. Asking £60 plus postage at cost for the length.
Nice, although from memory those were a lot cheaper when being sold off by Bespoke England (~£200?). Maybe scope go make a cheeky offer?
$400 each for quality suits in staple colours is going to be tough. Those local to Boston can give advice on local shopping spots, but personally I'd be checking measurements of a well-fitting suit carefully and then trawling eBay.From memory PTO (@dieworkwear) put together some eBay search links which can help focus your efforts on quality brands. The best deals are usually from auctions, or make offers against inventory held by professional sellers with a Buy It Now price.
No personal interest, but Slewfoot has some great Vass deals here:
Yes, the former is much darker
Yes, pictured here:
The bold bit is key - personal style is all about what you feel confident with. It's quite fashion-forward to have aggressively short trousers with no break. so if you like that then rock it.My personal view is that outside Pitti Uomo those trousers are too short, and letting down the ~1" available won't solve it. The loafers have quite a low line and the trousers may look better with lace-up shoes, but I'd suggest the your trousers should be almost brushing the top of the...
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