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I see a couple of options: 1. You could always try sending them back to the manufacturer - are they Church's by any chance? 2. Any decent cobbler should be able to overlay a second layer of suede on top of the original sole (just sticking it down using adhesive). This will retain the original look (especially if feathered at the edges) and will basically give them at least as much wear as the original sole.
You've already mentioned them in your post, but Brisbane Moss are indeed good. Sadly Dugdale recently saw fit to discontinue all their decent cords and replace them with poly blends that are adequate but no better.If you are after a finer / more luxury fabric then Zegna CashCo is pleasant.
Your alterations tailor does not do good work. Find another.
Despite the fancy language in the invite, it's a drunken party. Go with the jeans, shirt and a black coat if you have one (e.g. don't go out and buy anything). No tie. If I had a knit tie, I'd wear one just to show effort. I'd probably not buy one at short notice for a drinking party though.Black chinos and black coat will be a bad look; especially if you're wearing a light shirt since it'll look like you've tried to do evening wear on the cheap without appreciating how...
I paid a visit to Cotswold Woolen Weavers yesterday, the retail arm of Marling & Evans. I thought a few members might be interested to see some photos. Their store is in Filkins, a small village halfway between Lechlade and Burford in the Cotswolds, perhaps 75 miles West of London. Production takes place elsewhere but they have a museum room containing various old looms and tools Upstairs is the archives. They purchased the stock of England's last horn button...
I have VBC, wool rich, and Fresco (but the latter not from Luxire). Would rate all three very highly, wool rich gets my vote as a travel fabric since it hangs well and resists creasing, plus you can give it to the hotel laundry without too many worries. For general wear I rate the VBC highly; Fresco is nice but the price gap is not justifiable in my view.
Specific measurements and / or photos on request: 1. Four pairs of Gieves & Hawkes ready-to-wear odd trousers, tagged as a 32 and fit TTS, inseam should be about 35" so plenty of potential to cuff etc. Used but good condition A. Tropical wool grey (flat front) sold B. Tropical wool tan (single pleat) sold C. Navy linen (single pleat) D. Micro houndstooth grey wool with a napped / flannel finish (ff) sold All £15 each plus shipping 2. Two pairs of Barbuto Italian-made...
UK is on Option 3 at the moment and it works best for me - honestly, it probably works for Luxire too since there's an incentive to place larger orders to offset the shipping cost. As others have said, not having uncertainty on customs fees / the issues that occur when parcels go through customs clearance is worth a premium.
Very excited about the technical fabrics - with a 36" inseam I'm not able to find waterproof trousers anywhere...
Looks fine to me, photos are not the best but that type of open weave is susceptible to this, and I'd just trim off the excess threads with a pair of scissors. Props to SS for offering such a good set of options to you though.
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