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My tailor seems to put cuffs on pinstripes / chalkstripes and plain hems on everything else.
Sorry for the delay - 33.5cm long and 11.5cm wide.
Do these belong to anyone here, or has anyone else had the Linen Cotton Canvas made up? I'm tempted, colours are great and the weight is attractive, but looking to get some practical user feedback.
Yes, legit - I've ordered a few lengths from them, and they were delivered reasonably speedily and as described.I do wish, where they note there is a flaw to a length, they'd provide further details / photographs of precisely what this is.Also - if you see something you like grab it. I hesitated on a length of Solaro last week and someone else grabbed it....
A more conventional option would be to have a button attachment at the front between your shirt and undergarment, or to have a crotch strap on the shirt that attaches between the front and back tails. The latter is more commonly seen on white tie/ bib shirts.
Purchased in the sale recently but having worn them around the house for the morning I think they're half a size too big. Passing on the good deal I got - retail is £395 so this is well under half price for an essentially new pair of shoes. Sorry for the library photo - will add real photos later. Will ship worldwide at cost - likely to be ~£25 for trackable delivery to the US, £15 for Europe
+1 on this, especially with children. I wear mine occasionally to the office, but they always show some small marks by the end of the day. If I'm lucky I can remove with brushing, but otherwise I need to get them cleaned.For some clothes, it seems you end up spending as much keeping them looking good as you do buying them.
I've listed up a few heavyweight vintage suiting fabrics in B&S, just popping up a few photos here in case anyone is interested:
As the autumn / fall swings around for those in the Northern hemisphere, how about some serious old-school suiting? For those who don't know, Super 70s was one of the first 'Supers' numbers and was some of the best cloth available 30+ years ago. I have four bolts today: 1. Bulmer & Lumb / Harrison 2080 worsted flannel in a dark grey. I think this has recently been brought back by Taylor & Lodge / Dugdale, but this is the original in a ~16oz weight. 3.5m length with a...
Yes, ideally red and green. Shouldn't be too tough if Luxire has another colourway and can presumably ask the supplier.
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