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I'm just working on the basis that sooner or later I'll shrink a pair of my Luxire trousers in the wash and I'll make shorts out of them....
Trouser swatches are done in the same way as shirting - small samples attached to A4 paper with the reference written below.
Easiest to order from the Luxire Tuxedo Shirt page:http://custom.luxire.com/products/luxire-tuxedo-shirt
A few pages back there was some concern Simon had become uncontactable. Has this changed?
It was if the jacket is comparatively roomy / boxy in cut yet the trousers are now slim. You need to ensure harmony in the dimensions of both parts of the suit.Yes, a bit. But only you can know for sure whether it will bug you enough every time that you wear the shirt that it's worth paying the extra $10. I think you know the answer, because you asked the question...
I read it differently. If you send in a garment and advise changes to be made, they will make those when creating your original pattern.I guess if further changes are requested in successive orders, they modify from that original pattern. So they can always go back to it if needed.
Personal view, he's already got a pretty high contrast outfit with a black suit and white shirt. I'd avoid a dark tie for two reasons - one being further increasing the contrast and two being it looks too much like a uniform. I'd probably avoid a white PS for the same reasonI'd consider either a grey tie (bridging the gap between the black and white) or getting something with a neat pattern / repp that will bring something to the...
To my knowledge the former is the correct etymology for the term.
Tastes vary, but I wouldn't advise chosing patterned odd trousers for a 'formal / business' wear. It will just look like you forgot to put your jacket on.
Holy calamity batman! @UrbanComposition is selling some great Vass at stupid prices: http://www.styleforum.net/t/523122/vass-250-41-and-41-5-chukka-and-galosh-oxford
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