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This seller just listed a bunch of used Materna shoes on eBay Austria for €90:
I got myself mixed up, thanks for pointing it out. Post now edited...!
I'm a 46 on the U. I sized down to a 45.5 on the F (tried on in Vass' store) and it was too roomy, and the 45 was better but then a little short. So for me, U works for my feet but F doesn't even though much of the shoe's fit is the same.
@ericgereghty - Slewfoot tobacco? I'm in for at least a sportcoat's worth (2m)
I had a suit like that once, and got rid of it because it was way over the top to the point that whilst it garnered compliments I felt I could only wear it once a month or so because everyone remembered it.
@Luxire needs to get on a plane to London....
The way GBP USD is going at the moment, I need a 50% sympathy discount. Luxire is great as always but it's getting progressively more expensive due to factors outside their (and my) control.
In hindsight my response may have been a bit sniffy. I'm not a Vass purist (Budapester and nothing else) hence my comment on the U last, but I do think it's possible to push Vass' styling beyond where it should be via MTO. As @SoGent said, the contrasting strap is probably the deal breaker.
Luxire, 'check' shirting fabrics*, sorted by price (lowest first). Knock yourself out: edit - I just clicked on that link, and some of the post-search filtering doesn't come through in the URL. Click on the 'Dress Shirt (610)' radio button on the left to filter a bit better * Kinda - Luxire's site is very weird, and they seem to have created multiple categories with ostensibly the same purpose. So there's...
My issue with those loafers is they look like something Vass made at a client's request, rather than something with Vass styling. And I say that as someone who is cool with the U last.
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