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On it like white on rice! Also good call on Dugdale - like Luxire, great quality product at a keen price made by people with a passion for their craft.
I launder myself, then send them out for pressing / ironing. That's the part I find hardest to achieve a high standard at.
It's not 'in style' now; it's the sort of thing designed for those who want to stand out a bit.I would recommend sticking with the true classics; something like the Cheaney Kelly (http://www.cheaney.co.uk/collections-c2/classic-collection-c3/cheaney-kelly-black-patent-leather-oxford-dress-shoe-p23) or Shipton's Tamar if you are on a lower budget (http://www.shipton.com/tamar-mens-patent-oxford.html)
I've searched the thread and can't find examples, but has anyone ordered a Luxire 4 button shirt jacket? http://custom.luxire.com/products/4-button-shirt-jacket
Not for those of us paying in GBP...
Yes, quite a lot. Something like 35EUR for the regular and about 100EUR for the three-piece.
Just give the the counterfactual. I gave my wife some Pantherella pure cashmere socks for Christmas. She wore them in rotation for most of the winter and spring and they are still going strong.I would echo the views of others. Luxire's strength is as a direct-to-consumer brand offering excellent quality at a reasonable price. Selling third party brands adds in a margin requirement, and moves away from the model that has served you well.It also brings you to a challenge...
What's probably not being said here, is I am sure Luxire will alter the sleeves (presumably for a reasonable cost) if you ship the shirts back. So hopefully you're not out $350.
I've used them as well; fast shipping and generally a professional service
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