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Cotton also wears a lot cooler than wool, weight for weight. I have 14oz flannel trousers that are unbearably hot in situations where a 22oz moleskin / 24oz corduroy would be fine.
I've hoarded these for a long time, and have come to accept I'm never going to use them. They are marked Cartier Paris, and were purchased from the Cartier boutique on Bond Street, London probably 20+ years ago. Looking at the stitching, it seems as though they were handsewn. Inside is what I believe is burgundy goatskin or fine calfskin, whilst outside is the most stunning burgundy baby crocodile. On the wallet, the whole outside is made from one single skin. The corners...
Thread necro. Having a tidy up and just thought I would post a few photos of some wallets and accessories I came across: Deadstock 50s French hand saddle-sewn wallet: Vintage wallet, probably 20s or 30s Mark Cross passport holder / travel wallet: Another pre-war wallet, this time from Mappin and Webb: The jewel in the crown, unused Cartier coat wallet and matching jotter in a stunning burgundy:
Crikey, I really did fail with the photos! Dark blue, RAF blue and a mid-dark grey.
Some time ago I mentioned being able to source some 15oz Minnis fresco, and there was some interest. I have now done so, and have three colours. Please see B&S for pricing or contact me via PM.
I would start reading here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/354137/leather-quality-and-properties/0_50
You can see even from the photo above (and bearing in mind they probably hand-picked the sample and used flattering photography) that the leather is not top qualityTusting also do a lot of third-party / white label stuff. Quality is very good and if you have a keen eye you can find real bargains on eBay such as this (will come up great with just a bit of leather conditioner):http://www.ebay.com/itm/361506671685?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITAlso...
They must really want me to fill out the survey - I've received a request to complete it about five times now...
These are thick enough there is no need for a lining, but my preference is to half-line anyway.For illustration purposes, three different Luxire fabrics held up to the light and then with a bold tie inserted underneath to show the extent to which it is visible:Ecru Hopsack:Off White Heavy Vintage LinenLinen Cotton Canvas
Hopsack gets my money. I have about 20 pairs of Luxire pants by now and it's still my favourite fabric. Great drape and hand feel, innately a summer fabric (e.g. handles heat and humidity) but with the capacity to wear in spring / autumn. Seems reasonably resistant to my children....
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