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Inverallan have just uploaded lots of stock to their eBay store: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/inverallan2012/m.html?item=301722991295&hash=item4640177abf&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Good BIN prices
+1 - SG rain can be pretty intense but cordovan is a robust product and if you have cordovan uppers and a rubber sole (e.g. dainite) you'll have no problem with adverse weather. Just let them dry out slowly away from a heat source, use trees and make sure you store them somewhere with airflow so you don't get any mould growth.
They're 9oz so not what I'd consider mid-weight, depends exactly where you live.They are soft, with a great handle. I can't comment on how quickly it wears having only had it for a few months. I will say the creases drop out fairly quickly.
If you 'Search This Thread' using the link at the top of the page you'll find at least a few visit reports, but in my experience they'll have a good selection of classic models (both on the more traditional lasts and F / U) across all sizes and a number of leathers / colours.However, if you go in expecting a specific last / colour / size you may be disappointed. A mail to Rezso will confirm what they have in stock today in your size, or if you're visiting in some while you...
@Luxire any word on the other colours you have in this, especially tan / other light shades?
It's just museum calf. Others are being more diplomatic but my view is museum calf is not of equivalent quality to the leathers otherwise used by Vass or other premium makers. It's somewhat thin and can display inconsistencies such as that above.
Does @Luxire have this fabric in a tan colour? Would be a great option to add if it's not already on the site, I have Gieves & Hawkes tropical pants in a tropical wool with a similar pattern I grey and tan and love them.
To me there is quite a clear difference. EG quality control and consistency are flawless every time. Vass fit differs a little from pair to pair, and sometimes (perhaps always, it depends how closely you look) have some minor defect in construction or finishing.I say this as someone who has purchasedperhaps a dozen pairs of EG and probably the same of Vass and primarily chose to buy Vass now, so it's not an outright criticism. I think the differences noted above are...
Not in my experience, it's a heavy fabric and not see-through
Those available at the sample sale last autumn were Caruso for sure.
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