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Big timers in this thread...
Any pictures? Does this mean the preferential pricing is available?
I have the lightweight VBC and would rate them as a more formal flannel, but they don't really have the 'woolen structure' due to the light weight:http://custom.luxire.com/products/vbc-vitale-barberis-canonico-flannels-grey-vbc_599_101_3I think for that you'll need to pony up for the Minnis 0300:http://custom.luxire.com/products/minnis-flannel-light-grey-plainflannel_0300
What do you plan to wear them with? I have a pair and they're casual trousers, not formal - OK with tweed or corduroy but not easy to pull off with a smooth-finished jacket.Synthetic content doesn't really show through in use, but as you can start to see from the close-up photos it's a very rustic weave with a lot of colour variation / mottling and also my pair have foreign objects in the weave as the yarn was obviously not carded very finely.
Just referring to a 46L or 48L as a generic size is not going to give the full picture. As others have implied, key dimensions vary from brand to brand (and within different fits offered by one brand). By way of example, Ralph Lauren Black Label is generally a trim fit and some may need to size up. Compare that to perhaps a Lauren Ralph Lauren or another of the more basic models where the sizing will be very different and likely more generous.So, as far as you can seek out...
Well worn 80s purple velvet? Bet that jacket could tell some interesting tales...
Let's not derail the thread, but the fact that it takes someone like Sig. Rubinacci to even try and pull it off suggests it's not something to be entered into by just buying a pair of pants. Luxire offers a fantastic grey linen for those wanting a monochrome palette.
That's the problem - it's a contradiction in terms by being a casual fabric in a formal colour. Plus for a summer fabric black is no use as it wears too hot.
Waiting for them to respond to my mail, seems to me they used the wrong fabric on a pair of pants in my last order. That said, everything else has been great - get your pattern sorted, then order and just sit back and wait for it to ship.Yes they do - mail them for current pricing. My recollection is it's more expensive than even using some of their basic house fabrics, and they want more yardage than my usual tailor, probably to minimise the consequences of a cutting...
No, because you will always have the buttonholes. Unless it was a hidden BD, in which case the answer becomes 'yes but why?'.
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