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+1 on the sizing issue with OEII. I got a pair before Christmas and they're about half a size bigger than my other U last shoes.
Super-cheap BIN for a battered Swaine, Adeney & Brigg case. Could probably get it repaired by SAB or just roll with the old money look: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWAINE-ADENEY-BRIGG-ATTACHE-BRIEFCASE-IN-HAVANA-BROWN-TAN-NO-INITIALS-NO-KEY-/251819428876
Incredibly rare pure cashmere 3a from Inverallan, produced as part of their special line for Japanese retailer NEXUSVII. Nearly 3lbs (1.1kg) of navy cashmere, hand-knitted into what can only be described as an heirloom garment. Purchased direct from Inverallan in April 2014, and worn about five times. Because it was purchased from Inverallan it has the standard '100% wool' tags, but it's very clearly cashmere and I'll warrant it as such / include the paperwork from...
Simon will offer superior quality for similar price. I'm not trying to make too big an issue of it, but SAB quality isn't what it used to be.
Pickett do some good stuff, but they are a retailer not a manufacturer - they outsource manufacturing and the quality of the product thus varies depending on who made it.
Two Vanda pocket squares: 1. Kimono silk in a burgundy colour with a geometrical dot pattern on it. Slight sheen to silk, with an additional matte pattern in the weave. 2. Leaf / branch print white cotton or cotton / linen mix - this dates from before Vanda when it was just Gshen selling pocket squares on the forum. Asking £11 each including worldwide letter-post shipping.
Bargain for Loro Piana knitwear: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loro-Piana-Mens-100-Cashmere-red-v-neck-jumper-Size-52-/271723919955
Reasonably priced leather Forestiere. Seller has other Arnys clothing too:http://www.ebay.fr/itm/MANTEAU-BLOUSON-ARNYS-FORESTIERE-56-XL-VESTE-HOMME-CUIR-AGNEAU-JACKET-2500-/231439746049
Beautiful classic T&A shirt; vintage but hardly worn. White with thin yellow, grey and black stripes. Classic T&A three button cuff, great quality cloth and mother of pearl buttons. Would retail for £150+
Beautiful Loro Piana Italian-made OCBD shirts with thick mother of pearl buttons, in great condition. Blue / white stripe, and plain white (not pictured - still at the laundry). £25 each plus worldwide shipping. £45 for both (plus shipping).
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