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I've used them as well; fast shipping and generally a professional service
I am highly amused given they are my socks....
Good price for a Caraceni bespoke sportcoar on Savvy Row: http://www.savvyrow.co.uk/products/16-0472-vintage-1989-caraceni-milan-bespoke-fine-check-wool-cashmere-sports-jacket-38-short
So cross with myself. I really, really wanted that. It's been on my watch list for a week and then I missed the end of the auction :-(
Yes please, PM sent!
If it's mill direct pricing I would be in for at least 2.5m. Preference is for keeping the colour the same.
That is so awesome words fail me. I'd love to see the patch, but almost better without it since you can wear it normally without the details making it into a costume piece.
But to me @UrbanComposition has the right approach. Go on vacation. Take long enough to give the tailor time to work. Be respectful, work with them, and stay close to their house style.It's when people start expecting smaller tailors to fly half way around the world, to meet clients who do not speak their language, and who have a different culture and expectations that things start to go wrong.
No, they cannot be shined like that. As you have correctly surmised, they are made out of a leather that is too soft.
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