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I purchased this online without measurements but sadly it doesn't work for me. It has been worn twice, and I still have the hangtag somewhere Measurements are: Chest 21.5" pit to pit Jacket length 29.75" from bottom of collar Shoulders 18" Sleeve 25" It's made from a 50/50 cashmere silk blend with a pronounced nap which makes it perfect for this time of year. My price includes worldwide shipping.
I'd love 'Luxire eco' - minimal packaging, and perhaps a line of organic / natural dyed cottons and linens.
All helpful stuff - I'd just also add that there are a number of processes after the weaving which can impart significant differences to fundamentally the same cloth. One of these is how much of a nap the fabric is given (also referred to as a 'milled finish'); which affects hand feel / perceived 'softness' but also how well the fabric will wear, since it's possible for the nap to become compressed and the fabric demonstrate shiny spots in areas subject to wear (elbows,...
New site feedback: - Agree with @breakaway01, the moving fabric effect on the main page is distracting, and also that a filter by fabric content would be really helpful - The choice of pants style is a bit confusing; given the number of customisation options, I'd see it as preferable to just offer 'jeans style', 'dress pant style' and possibly 'shorts style'; any deviation from these core concepts (either amendments, or a complete custom style) can be added in the notes,...
I suspect it will change average order size though - current approach encourages large orders to amortise shipping cost. New approach gives no barrier to smaller orders
Post necro for much of the above, but it gives some history:- Shipping charges have historically been levied for non-US locations- However, this has included taxes / charges payable on imports (recalling that with recent US import duty changes, many Luxire orders wouldn't be taxable anyway)- The issue with seeing taxes at checkout came up during the sale, didn't get explicitly addressed by Luxire but seemed to go awayTo echo the views of others - if taxes are now payable...
I've not lived there for a few years, but there was never anywhere particularly good. Amusingly Harrisons of Edinburgh are now based at the opposite end of the country after the acquisition by LBD, and I don't rate your chances of getting quality cloth in the shops such as Remnant King.So your best bet is probably somewhere like Walker Slater, but buying cloth from one tailor to take to another seems like a risky and expensive approach.
An outbreak of measles in the Vass showroom?
With most dark sportcoats, just as a more autumnal / winter combination. So long as they're not too similar in shade to the sportcoat it should be fine.I think so - Dugdale have discontinued them (I think) and replaced with a pure wool blend. I have trust in Luxire's fabric selections, but these are really just a kickaround pair for weekend wear so being more robust is no bad thing.
Four pairs of pants. If the sale gets less complicated to navigate I'll add more and combine shipping: - Dugdale chocolate brown cavalry twill - Brisbane Moss beige canvas - VBC dark brown flannel - VBC grey flannel Tempted by the off-white flannel, but with small children at home I don't think they'd get worn.
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