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Beautifully soft 100% baby alpaca scarf from the renowned Irish knitwear brand Inis Meain. This has been worn gently - it has some bobbles (which should come out with a de-fuzzer) but due to the nature of the fabric they appear pretty easily. Beautiful blocks of colour, with a real richness and depth to them. Happy to ship worldwide at cost.
Suede belt by Edward Green in Tobacco suede. Marked as a 33" internally - it measures 38" in total strap length, 30" from the beginning of the strap to the first hole and 34" to the last hole. It was purchased as subs from the EG factory and is marked as such internally. It also hasn't been worn much but has a little discolouration on the keeper loop - I'll have a go with the suede block and this may come out. Shipping at cost worldwide.
Caruso is well known for making some of the best Italian RTW and MTM available, and this stunning suit is no exception - it was made for the upscale retailer Volpe London, and as well as the usual Caruso finishing and quality has a handsewn 'asola' buttonhole, and is made from a luxurious Super 150s cloth. The suit is a 3 button (2.5 - slight bit of lapel roll) single breasted with a ticket pocket and double vents to the rear. The trousers are single pleated, with a zip...
@Suits and Boots Might be worth seeing if the seller has any more of this, it's a heavyweight overcoating that comes within the sort of budget you have in mind: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/351216204461
Pretty decent BIN, or best offer, for Asprey crocodile loafers. I know Lattanzi made for them, but I don't think these are Lattanzi? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Asprey-Crocodile-Loafers-/161538420715
+1 on the variability / uncertainty. I know my size in U last and have 6 pairs. I tried on the F last recently and I would have fit probably a size down but even then it just didn't suit my foot morphology as well.
This may be of some help - it's the reverse of their sample swatches from the store a fortnight ago.As always Rezso will be super-helpful in taking better photos if you ask.Also worth noting I think these are a new stock model as they had them in U and F lasts in multiple colours.And some boots (MTO I think)
I believe they are closed today, and don't open again for business until tomorrow (Saturday 27th). They were still there last week - what number do you have (0207 409 7277?)?
Yes - my Norweger have cut edges which have been stitched together. My Osloer have a raised ridge which has been stitched to keep it that way but is essentially one piece of leather across the toolbox versus three pieces on the Norweger. Both pairs are the stock mods ordered from Vass.
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