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Yes, it can be done. It's best done from the shoulder, which is a more complex operation.When you take it to your alterations tailor, ask them how they will do the job (from the shoulder or the cuff) and if the former how much prior experience they have.This will save you from:1. Arriving to collect, and finding they have just folded the cuff up2. Arriving to collect, and finding they have attempted to take the sleeve up from the shoulder and done a really poor job
His website has the contact details of a London agent, have you tried him?
I lost out in the Vass sizing gamble, so my Osloer boots are in the classifieds: http://www.styleforum.net/t/522215/vass-osloer-high-boot-in-antique-cognac-boxcalf-p2-last-45-5/0_50
These are absolutely stunning, but it seems I went half a size too large when swapping between lasts... These are a stock Vass model, known as the 'Osloer' - a raised-welt split-toe boot in 'Antique Cognac'. Sizing isn't listed anywhere but I ordered a 45.5 and the trees are marked as '45' (which makes sense, Vass don't do half-size trees). I would estimate they are equivalent to a US12. The outsole measures 33cm long by 11cm wide. They have been worn twice and are in...
It depends how warm 'summer' gets in Finland. I would suggest that will wear warm, be somewhat clingy as a fabric rather than draping, and generally not convey elegance. For something fairly informal for summer days I'd suggest linen is more suitable.
No stains / smells - I've worn it perhaps two or three times. I'd have to check exactly but it's probably a year old.
I have Wool Rich and VBC. I would say the use case is subtly different. The Wool Rich are 'beater' trousers - good for travel, marginally more resistant to creasing, and I know if all else fails I can give them to a hotel laundry and they should come back in one piece. The VBC wear marginally cooler, but I suspect the fabric is more delicate and they certainly require more care in cleaning. So they tend to get worn when I am working from my normal office.
Blowing this out for a silly low price. Only worn a couple of times - MTO lightly tweaked from a Suitsupply 38 Long block. Still have the tags somewhere, and I think it has a bag of spare buttons in one pocket. Fabric is a blue Ariston Super 130s in about a 9oz, with rustic brown buttons. Measurements are as follows: Pit to pit 20.75" Jacket waist 18.25" Shoulders 17.5" Sleeve 26" Jacket length from bottom of collar 30.75" Price is plus shipping worldwide from London,...
For me, nothing. I get everything made to the same dimensions. You may prefer to have your chinos cut trimmer, but that's more a contemporary style point. What I like about Luxire is I can get trousers that don't hew to the current trend for low rise / high-water hem / slim leg.
Well I LOLed, does that count?
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