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Yes, the former is much darker
Yes, pictured here:http://custom.luxire.com/pages/buttons-and-accessories-options
The bold bit is key - personal style is all about what you feel confident with. It's quite fashion-forward to have aggressively short trousers with no break. so if you like that then rock it.My personal view is that outside Pitti Uomo those trousers are too short, and letting down the ~1" available won't solve it. The loafers have quite a low line and the trousers may look better with lace-up shoes, but I'd suggest the your trousers should be almost brushing the top of the...
Yes, too short. Your photos are too dark and small to tell for sure, but so long as there is additional fabric turned up inside the hem then they can be let down.Everyone always wants to change their figure / weight / life etc; get them altered to the right length now rather than worrying about how your physique may change in the future,
Most of this is still valid:http://www.styleforum.net/t/246922/alterations-tailors-in-london
Schoeller in a variety of flavours:http://custom.luxire.com/apps/search-results#stq=schoeller&stp=1
This ^^^. They have slowly been introducing more fashion-forward / street elements into their line, as seen on their Tumblr:(although wholly accepted there is still a portion which is trying to be 'British Ralph Lauren'....
I had this conversation with my tailor recently. I'm tall and slim (38L in RTW) but they were adamant 3m of a solid colour should be fine, 3.5m if patterned. I think I got 4m just to be on the safe side.
Seems you're right, thank you for pointing that out - I've edited my post above too.
Carmia has poor resale - three times I have picked something up in their sale half off, decided against and then lost a further 50% selling on again.I think it's a combination of relatively unknown brand, related uncertainty on fit, and for shell the fact that IIRC incorrectly believed they don't use Horween.EDIT: Don't believe everything an SA tells you ;-)
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