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I have VBC, wool rich, and Fresco (but the latter not from Luxire). Would rate all three very highly, wool rich gets my vote as a travel fabric since it hangs well and resists creasing, plus you can give it to the hotel laundry without too many worries. For general wear I rate the VBC highly; Fresco is nice but the price gap is not justifiable in my view.
Specific measurements and / or photos on request: 1. Four pairs of Gieves & Hawkes ready-to-wear odd trousers, tagged as a 32 and fit TTS, inseam should be about 35" so plenty of potential to cuff etc. Used but good condition A. Tropical wool grey (flat front) sold B. Tropical wool tan (single pleat) sold C. Navy linen (single pleat) D. Micro houndstooth grey wool with a napped / flannel finish (ff) sold All £15 each plus shipping 2. Two pairs of Barbuto Italian-made...
UK is on Option 3 at the moment and it works best for me - honestly, it probably works for Luxire too since there's an incentive to place larger orders to offset the shipping cost. As others have said, not having uncertainty on customs fees / the issues that occur when parcels go through customs clearance is worth a premium.
Very excited about the technical fabrics - with a 36" inseam I'm not able to find waterproof trousers anywhere...
Looks fine to me, photos are not the best but that type of open weave is susceptible to this, and I'd just trim off the excess threads with a pair of scissors. Props to SS for offering such a good set of options to you though.
Good clarification but I think the point still stands that mid or dark brown calfskin will be a better choice than suede
Bad idea. Luxire's execution will be spot on but it will be obvious they are not the original trousers. Give away or sell the suit and start again.
Suede is inherently casual, but that shoe is closed-laced which brings it back up the formal scale. I personally wouldn't wear it, but I can't imagine too many people will notice or disapprove.
Works 50% of the time. I just gave up and went back to bookmarking pages.
Another one wearing heavyweight Luxire trousers in the cold snap, in this case the 'Mid Grey Wool Flannel 100% Wool'. Although only 12oz they are thick as anything and the warmest Luxire pants I have.
New Posts  All Forums: