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Looking at the first photo, the uppermost pair is the British Khaki Twill Chino 9oz whilst the lower pair is the now-out-of-stock Apple Fresco Cotton.As far as I'm aware, Luxire hasn't done any treatment / washes on either fabric. I'm happy with them both; not had too much wear since they arrived in early winter but they should do nicely as the weather warms up.
I have a couple of suit lengths of this Rangoon left and can match that price - I'll list it in B&S when I get back later today.
I had a look through the book at my tailors last week. Seems the 14/15oz pure wool Fresco is being phased out, they had a few swatches left in the book (including something that looked close to the navy blue I have) but they seem to be replacing the heavier pure wool with a Wool / Mohair blend.
The term 'drape' can be used in two contexts:1. Generally how a fabric hangs (e.g. in a smooth line). Usually correlated with weight but clearly something that is stiffly woven will not hang well, whereas there are lightweight fabrics that exhibit drape.2. The 'drape' cut, exemplified by Anderson & Sheppard. A suit made with additional allowance over the upper chest and shoulder blades, giving freedom of movement and comfort but also a distinctive aesthetic.
Sorry for the delay - 18.75cm long by 10.5cm wide whilst folded.
Brand new, never worn. Made from 9oz Irish linen in a cream colour. T wo piece, three button unvented. Trousers are single pleat, with side adjusters. Plenty of hand pick stitching, and all buttonholes sewn by hand. Measurements are as follows: 21" Chest, pit to pit 32" Length, measured from bottom of collar to hem 26" Sleeve 17.5" Shoulder 34" Trouser waist 31.5" Inseam 8" Leg width at hem 2" cuff; possibility to length inseam by ~4" if removed My price includes...
Vintage Morabito baby crocodile billfold:
I have three two bolts of Minnis Fresco, the 3 ply 14/15oz variant. I can cut to length, in increments of 0.25m, and will charge accordingly. The two colours I have are: 1. Plain navy 2. 'RAF' blue with a subtle mottled effect ALL SOLD 3. Mid grey Pricing is GBP25 per metre including UK shipping, GBP30 per metre shipped within Europe and GBP35 anywhere else (e.g. Americas, Asia). This is all I have, so when it's gone there will be no more. I have about 3 suit lengths...
Images showing transparency here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/21900_50#post_8358530No need to line all the way - to the knee if preferred for comfort but any more rather overlooks the purpose of a summer fabric.
It's lovely stuff in that it has a great handle and drape but wears harder than others that compare in that department, but it depends what premium you are paying.On a pure value for money basis you're best off with the classic worsteds from brands such as Minnis or Dugdale and giving up a little luxury. If you are comparing to Super 150s/ cashmere blends from Scabal and the like then Golden Bale is a great choice in my eyes.
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