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Not the white jacket mentioned above, dining with children will mean it needs immediate dry cleaning...I'd also not wear a white jacket with red trousers, but I suppose that's a matter of personal taste.Dining over Christmas in a hotel restaurant? Even a suit is pretty formal, so I'd not worry about whether a DB specifically is too casual. I'd tone it down with a windowpane if you have one, otherwise plain. Pinstripes are only for wearing in the office, never informally.
Taken in today to get funded: 1. Minnis Flannel 0315 mottled blue chalkstripe 2. Vintage 'Super 70s' RAF blue worsted with a milled finish, about 14/15oz
Congratulations on the new role!At that price, it will be more about what suit fits you best than focussing too much on outright quality. Spending too much on alterations / trying to make a suit into something it's not will quickly burn through your budget.That said, M&S remains good quality for the money assuming the styling of one or more of their lines works for you. I've been more impressed with Tyrwhitt than Lewin for suits but this was based on examination a few...
Plenty of choices at that point, and the sales are coming up. I do like J Fitzpatrick as mentioned by @Murlsquirl, but it may be easier to get something you can try on in person.Top pick would be Crockett & Jones for around £300 (maybe more like £250 in the January sale) but if you walk down Jermyn Street you'll also have the chance to look at / try Alfred Sargent and Cheaney (whose upper lines are around your budget) as well as the shoes they make for other retailers on...
Striped trousers are not a good idea without making it into a suit with a matching jacket.Solids are most versatile, although small-scale patterns such as herringbone / houndstooth can also work well.Your profile doesn't say where you are based / what conditions 'winter' brings. Personally I'd start with a pair of grey flannel (iconic for a reason) in either the lighter VBC cloth or the heavier Luxire own-brand pure wool.As frequently mentioned, the wool rich pants are...
I wouldn't wear that as a funeral tie - only solid black for those occasions. I have a similar tie and it gets lots of wear - fine with a blue shirt and a pretty wide variety of suits. Never tried it with a patterned shirt but others may be able to give a view.
1. Would a birdseye weave be a suitable fabric choice?Birdseye tends to be quite small and therefore more business-orientated. Barleycorn is a larger-scale version and perhaps more casual. Houndstooth is another option.2. Is there a point to leaving the back unlined?Yes, the suit wears cooler. Whether this matters depends on where you'll be wearing it (in Stockholm it wouldn't seem to be worthwhile) and the weight of the fabric you use (a heavier weight fabric negating any...
Can anyone ID this cloth?
Dang, too slow. That looks great.
I think that's a Barbour International:http://www.barbour.com/uk/all-collections/mens/waxed-jackets/b-intl-original-waxed-jacket/p/MWX0004BK5130?breadcrumbs=mens&breadcrumbs=mens-international&breadcrumbs=mens-waxedjacketsEdit to add - the older versions can vary a little, e.g.:
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