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Apologies for the awful photos, but this is a pair of chinos and a pair of the Apple fresco cotton, flat front with side adjusters and no belt loops:
I'd look at the vintage heavy linens - not a blend but heavy enough that the propensity to crease is ameliorated. I have both and prefer the ecru largely for the increased practicality, but if you are nowhere near food, wine or small children the off white is also great:http://custom.luxire.com/products/linen_off-white_heavy_vintagehttp://custom.luxire.com/products/linen_natural_ecru_heavy_vintage
I'd go with a plain hem. Pleated, cuffed pants are going to make you stand out too much given you are still young and in an industry that is both conservative and judgemental.
Will post photos in the morning, but everything Luxire has made for me (chinos, wool pants, corduroy etc) has no belt loops but side adjusters. Personal preference - I'd just rather not have a belt, I think the lines are cleaner without.I think side adjusters are more effective on lighter fabrics, but overall if your pants are made to the right measurements (should be possible if you are going custom) nothing should fall down, the adjusters offer the opportunity to...
Let's agree to disagree but if I saw someone wearing that, absent external context, I'd assume they couldn't afford a proper coat.Perhaps that's what many are finding offensive - for the asking price you could have a coat handmade especially for you by someone whose tailoring skills are world-class, and you could have a fair choice of fabrics including either a unique vintage deadstock cloth or something very luxurious.That coat is made of disassembled thrift-store...
The Thrifting thread is a trove of knowledge and information on these sort of things / guidance on whether thrift items are worth purchasing.
Agreed - Jeffery Diduch's suit dissections were some of the best blog content ever, and should be required reading for anyone posting here.Mostly true; but as Sarto says every tailor produces inconsistent results. I have one mystery tailor (never mentioned online) and one who has been rubbished by some but produces acceptable results to my eye.
+1 on that, his pricing is better. Plus it seems he has other interesting stuff such as Rangoon.
Yessir, 15oz Fresco the same as the other two.
[EDIT - see Fassbinder's post below, seems there is another source with better pricing]Apologies to everyone who contacted me about this - I had so much interest I could have sold it 4x over. I've made some enquiries and I can get more at £35/m. There are the two colours pictured above and a third blue with some white mottling.I'll go through all the PMs I received and try to contact everyone; I'm travelling in Asia for the next week or so, so things may be a little slower.
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