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I have four pairs of these amazing Venanzi trousers I purchased on closeout; they are all tagged a 32" waist and unhemmed at about 37". They fit high on the waist and are cut very full with double pleats, a single flapped pocket to the seat and side adjusters. Quality is excellent as you would imagine from something with a $850 retail. Colours / fabrics are as follows, all heavyweight: - Rust flannel (brown with a hint of red) [SOLD] - Dark green gaberdine - Dark brown...
Yes, and also a HAF sole and steel taps - should get a lot of wear!
Very poor shot of my new austerity brogues on the U last.
No, there is no consensus on who makes them but I can say as an owner of EGs and ACs that they look very different in their finishing.
I'm a UK11 / US11.5-12 and a solid Vass 46 across multiple lasts. I have tried sizing down to 45.5 and found them too tight.
Super-cheap Henry Poole bespoke dinner jacket http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VTG-1982-HENRY-POOLE-SAVILE-ROW-W1-SIZE-44-L-BLACK-HEAVY-TALL-TUXEDO-JACKET-F33-/121317705242
I have some suits made from this book; I suppose it depends on colour as much as fabric but my worry would be whether they look like orphan trousers - especially sharkskin.Excellent cloth for the money though.Just as an aside, the diamond twill I mentioned recently.
I have a bit of a thing for old English cloth - I was sorting out this afternoon and thought I'd share photos of a few bolts. I suspect I have more than I could ever get made up into suits (a lot more than is shown here), but as the saying goes "they don't make it like they used to": And the last photo is a length of Holland and Holland silk, which I'm keeping until I find a project for it:
As I walked past Richard Anderson this morning they had a lovely sportcoat made from the Ardalanish diamond twill fabric. I would have taken a photo but I was on the 'phone at the time.
This is a stunning unlined and unstructured jacket made from a knitted / jersey-style cashmere by Ballantyne in Italy (I know some of their jackets were by Caruso, not sure about this one?). It has two patch lower pockets, and an inset breast pocket with a curved barchetta style. The inside of the jacket is very neatly finished with piping, and the sleeves are fully lined with no cuff buttons (making it easier to alter the sleeve length). It is tagged as a 40, but might...
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