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Whilst we're on the topic of Graham Browne, can anyone give guidance on their 'standard' silhouette? I've heard Russell is ex-military tailoring suggesting quite structured, akin to Dege and the like. Is this correct?
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche So do we have any more info on these guys? Meaningful, non-snarky info? Even I thrifted one of the dinner jackets to wear at a wedding, dated from 2002 according to the label. Stylistically it was a bit interesting (SB peak lapel with fuschia pink buttonholes), not the sort of thing I'd commission but worth it for the $20 I paid. The quality was OK without knowing how much it cost. If I'd paid SR...
Pink (! Red?) Tanner Krolle bridle leather folio for a decent BIN
You've said you are going to be based in London. Don't try the seperates look, it's just not done in the City. Other than that, the consensus advice offered on the thread seems good. MTM in London at £400 is rare, but I'd try Roderick Charles as they go down to about that level in their (fairly frequent) sales. It may be worth making a visit to Bicester Village as there are some good brands (Dunhill, Hackett, Gieves & Hawkes, Zegna etc) with suits from about £300, so...
Sorry - posted something and then decided to buy it myself!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac these 3 features aren't necessarily indicative of quality. also, those pictured shoes are barely beveled I'm not going to get all defensive - I'm still learning. The point I was trying to make, which I hope is still valid, is that they look a lot better than present Church's production.
I thought this might interest a few people. I was in a vintage clothing store this afternoon and they had a pair of NOS Church's. I only managed to take one blurry photo of the soles before the staff told me photography wasn't allowed, but you can see the following features; - Channelled sole - Bevelled waist - Fully-nailed heel The shoes were just marked internally as per Church's mainline (i.e. nothing special). I'm not making the comment specifically about...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoeme I will be in London on Sunday. I realize that most of Jermyn St. will be closed then, but can the locals tell me if any of those shops will be open? Are there are other shops/department stores open on Sunday worth a look for shoes and shirts. Unfortunately John Rushton is closed. Thanks for any tips. The 'chain' stores like Tyrwhitt, Pink and Lewin are open on a Sunday. From memory, none of the...
Budd is presently having a sale, and have some lovely accessories (silk scarves, cashmere-lined pigskin gloves etc) at very reasonable prices.
Good BIN on some slightly odd white Cheaney wingtips; Cheaney
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