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1. suit - £250 2. shirt - £30 3. pair of pants - £50 4. pair of shoes/boots - £180 5. pair of socks - £8 6. coat - £200 7. tie - £30 8. square - £5 9. odd jacket - £145 10. watch - £900 11. pair of cufflinks - £100 12. belt - £30 Looking at that, I realise quite how much stuff I buy on sale / from thrifting. Even in those figures I have owned Kiton, Brioni, RLPL, John Lobb, Edward Green etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah 4 sizes down? Seriously? It was / is a 40R, so it's only one size down - should just be a small amount out of the back and side seams and drop the sleeves as far as they'll go
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark wow... very nice find.. buyer got a bargain. I just wish there were more fat asses out there like me... would love to have that in a 52L I'm just hoping my alterations tailor can make a 38L out of it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Staatsoper Well--depending on the price of course!--I'd suggest you go back and look through Kitons. Pick out the freshest ones and sell them on eBay. Same for the Charvet shirt, and the C & J loafers, esp. if they're shell. Don't think there would be much risk in flipping at least those items, if they're not too expensive to acquire. Charvet shirt was £11. Shell loafers were £65 so not much margin there....
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ^^ What size were those Kitons? 42-44 Regards, Simon
I did a decent loop this morning whilst my wife was out; Purchases; Budd bespoke shirt in a blue Oxford cloth, roughly my size with my initials on it - too much of a coincidence to pass up! Handmade bespoke Italian short sleeve linen shirt Patagonia Synchilla fleece jacket Other stuff I saw; Shoes by Poulsen Skone (tan suede half-brogues), C&J cordovan loafers (with amazing patina), Church's Oxfords (multiple pairs) A whole load of Kiton suits and...
Borelli OHPF
Right, I'm having a clearout of the shirts I don't wear. In fact I was amazed at what I unearthed! All prices include international shipping. All shirts have been freshly laundered and will be ironed prior to shipping. Thomas Pink 15.5" x 34" with a French cuff, dark blue check with a red outline. Excellent condition $15 posted Kilgour 15.5" in a light blue with lines of black dots, three-button cuff. Used condition, but no wear to collar / cuffs $10...
Well I'm inundated with wallets so I've got to clear some out. Up for sale is a brand new, boxed (with dustbag) Launer black trifold. It was purchased about a month ago and has sat in a drawer since then. The quality of these is impeccable, and I find this size / shape to be the best compromise between capacity and pocket size. Treated well it should last a lifetime. I've borrowed a photo from Launer's website, but I'll add my own when I get a chance later...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Plus another $100 for shipping,that briefcase is huge. Which is why I left it alone - I have no need, nor desire, to carry that quantity of paperwork in a heavy bridle leather case. You'll dislocate your shoulder if you try to carry one filled to capacity.
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