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Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I haven't noticed anything dramatically unusual about sole wear in my Trickers Marlow, which is the only model I have in my rotation. Are yours from the country line? Perhaps that is a lower grade of sole material... No, a couple of pairs of oxfords (Jermyn St collection) and a couple of pairs of loafers (1829 collection)
Bump and a price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle BRIONI BLACK PYTHON JACKET Warning: 1,387,103 photos. Why do I automatically think of this guy?
A question for fellow Trickers wearers. Subjectively, I'd say my Trickers soles wear faster than other brands (this is over a couple of pairs of Trickers, not just one). Can anyone else corroborate this?
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Cool, thanks! Utter bargain for someone, I hesitated too long (not sure if they were too narrow) so congratulations if you nabbed them!
Beautiful Ralph Lauren Purple Label linen jacket. Single breasted, two button with top-quality Mother of Pearl buttons and patch pockets. Very neatly quarter-lined, and made from an fantastic heavyweight (I'd guess 13/14oz) cream linen. Absolutely classic, a wardrobe staple. Marked as a 42R, with measurements as follows: 44" Chest 41" Waist 25.5" Sleeve (finished with buttons, but buttonholes not cut) 31" Long (BoC to hem) 18.5" Shoulders Brand new with tags, retailed...
Brioni trouser suit for the lady in your life - £69.99 BIN (plus free UK shipping).
I purchased a Chester Barrie 12oz worsted suit at a thrift store a decade ago, have worn it on average once a week since then, and only now has it got to the state that I really need to put it out of its misery. For most suits I tire of them / my tastes change / whatever before I wear them out. I agree with the above though, good maintenance and rotation will increase the lifespan.
Shoes are an easy fit unless you have really odd feet, so it's a matter of style. It should be fairly easy to pick up excellent quality shoes (i.e. Edward Green) at discount prices with a bit of patience. Suits, on the other hand, are quite tricky to get the fit and styling spot on, so I'd suggest the money is better spent there getting MTM / bespoke.
I previously owned some Burberry red trousers that my wife took an instant dislike to, so never realy got worn. I recently purchased a pair in deep red cotton by Loro Piana (double pleats, almost a chino-style fit) which are great, even my wife likes them. I've been wearing them with blue shirts and perhaps a camel-colored cashmere sweater if it's cold.
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