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Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos "Suicide heel"? Is that the v-cleat? What is the deal with that thing and why does it have such a dangerous reputation? Coming from someone who recently acquired a pair. They have absolutely zero traction - it appears I tend to try and dig in with the corner of the heel at the end of my stride, and these slip straight out from under me when the ground surface has any semblance of polish (wooden floors,...
Made by Cheaney IIRC - certainly a very solid, good quality shoe that (if you pick the right model) can have a bit of flair to it. $280 sounds a fair price, I'd not pay much more than that.
Old Hong Kong bespoke suit, made from Scabal Luxxor "a Super 130's quality with cashmere and vicuna" and with an impressive level of handwork. Three blue OCBDs (each a slightly different fabric) by some random Italian maker. And one amazing Cantarelli suit with loads of handwork, before I noticed the 3" ragged gash in the trousers...
I found this whilst out today and thought it was too good not to pass on. J Keydge unlined / unstructured 'slack' jacket in navy linen. Flapped patch pockets, 2/3 roll, two functioning cuff buttons. Single vent, two interior pockets. Marked as a Euro 50 / US 40, I had stated it fits true to size but having measured, it probably fits large for the size, but it's designed to be quite slouchy so I can understand why. I'll also caveat that it's a bugger to measure - because...
Unworn Lobb City II for €300
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon Some recrafted EGs here. EDWARD GREEN SHOES - CHELSEA - SIZE 10.5 - EXCEL COND For those that haven't spotted it, the Chelsea are an 'F' width, one notch wider than EG's standard.
RLPL cashmere overcoat
Lovely ostrich - too light for me but glwts
RLPL suede jacket - looks like moleskin to me, but if it's suede the price is good.
Phenomenal Sulka cashmere coat with mink collar.
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