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Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx EG Dover , specifically these: Dover on last 32 in chestnut. I need these in my collection! Pretty close to my ideal - 32 last, HAF soles:
A bit off-topic; I was looking for a cheap and cheerful bike to pull my daughter in a trailer this summer. I went to the bike shop, where they often have a handful of trade-ins outside. I hit the jackpot today; a 1990 Grizzly Glacier (made by Look under license in Salt Lake City). Full period XT groupset, Ritchey brakes and finishing kit and various other nice parts (including a titanium stem). Only $80 It sort of shocks me that most of the staff working in the shop...
I Quote: Originally Posted by cncrd Was it just in awful shape or something? No, it's just a peak lapel SB orphan suit jacket so I didn't percieve it was worth picking up, let alone flipping!
Hahahaha - I passed up on this for £35 at a thrift earlier in the week.
Reasonable BIN for Hardy Amies cashmere
£150 BIN for some slightly unloved-looking Lobb suede shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by JKMWCL Oh, and to the wiser ones, what is a good technique for saving ties with harder creases or are they generally beyond salvation? I find hanging them for an extended period of time will often cure the problem. Otherwise, suggestions would include a tie press (either the old manual type with two padded boards, or the fancier modern Corby items), or perhaps placing it between two layers of thick cloth...
Quote: Originally Posted by lexmann They offer free worldwide delivery on full price Church's. The burgundy crup leather is really pricey: Wow, I paid £75 for my pair from a consignment store. I'd second Champagne though, they're very versatile. Perhaps a little too chunky for wear with a suit, but still acceptable in most situations.
Whimsy Bamford & Sons cashmere sweater. Savile Row breeches.
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku Seriously, thrifting Lobbs... who'd thunk it. I'm going to Europe next month, but I'm only going to Italy and Greece, I wonder if there are good thrifting opportunities there. I AM going to Milan. The fourth pair I've found, but probably the best in terms of fit and overall integration into my wardrobe.
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