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Quote: Originally Posted by lexmann They offer free worldwide delivery on full price Church's. The burgundy crup leather is really pricey: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/produc...electedFitID=0 Wow, I paid £75 for my pair from a consignment store. I'd second Champagne though, they're very versatile. Perhaps a little too chunky for wear with a suit, but still acceptable in most situations.
Whimsy Bamford & Sons cashmere sweater. Savile Row breeches.
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku Seriously, thrifting Lobbs... who'd thunk it. I'm going to Europe next month, but I'm only going to Italy and Greece, I wonder if there are good thrifting opportunities there. I AM going to Milan. The fourth pair I've found, but probably the best in terms of fit and overall integration into my wardrobe.
Sutor: Lobb: Stone Island:
Papworth briefcase is back with a reasonable BIN; it looks a but ragged around the edges but it might just need some TLC. Groom yourself (or someone else) with these Whitehouse Cox brushes. These gold cufflinks are BIN for about the underlying gold price. Stunning Dunhill triple-date El Primero based watch. Seller will take £1200 which is a steal, but I just can't justify that much.
Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon Why do those listings disappear when you click on them? If they've ended, one should still be able to see them. At least that's what happens in most cases except for a few..... I can still see it?
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku Quite amazing. What was amazing was the fact that the place I got the Stone Island jacket had been given a boxed Sony a550 DSLR with lens. They knew what it was worth though, and were asking the going rate for a used example.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit WTF???? What size? All at a thrift? All at a thrift, but I was in Kensington, London so the pickings are good but the prices are accordingly high - I paid £45 / $75 for the Sutors (EU 44.5 but fit my feet nicely - usually a 10.5 or 11 UK), £50 / $80 for the Lobbs (10.5UK and also fit well) and £35 / $55 for the Stone Island.
I'd agree, TK Maxx can yield some decent deals - I've pretty much stopped going but in the past managed to buy: - Bamford & Sons trousers and cashmere sweaters for £29.99 - Ballantyne hand intarsia cashmere sweaters for £64.99 - Bamford & Sons suede jacket for £99 - Lots of Pantherella socks from £1 upward - A pair of Le Chameau boots for £79.99 - Some Barbour jackets for £69.99 - A couple of pairs of Yanko black brogues for £74.99 (actually really nicely...
Kop for your better half - $4100 NWT Asprey cashmere coat for $100 BIN.
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