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This is absolutely amazing - it's a fairly conservative Chester Barrie double breasted suit, but it's made of a pure cashmere fabric - it's not soft and fluffy like you'd expect, but more like a regular worsted suiting with a really supple handle. Being a Chester Barrie there's some nice handwork (most notably the buttonholes) and is fully canvassed. It's a 6/2 double breasted, with twin pleated trousers with turnups. It's in immaculate condition, with no faults I...
Well reading the thread got me thinking about ordering a nice pair of light coloured gloves from Chester Jefferies, or perhaps a pair of the peccary ones on eBay. Then I went out this morning, and happened to find these in a vintage clothing store - NOS buckskin gloves by 'Webbs', made in England with black handstitching and the little triangular darts on the fingers. The best part is they cost me about 15% of what Chester Jefferies would have charged!
Quote: Originally Posted by tbabes Where are the Charles Tyrwhitt shirts made? Not in the UK, I can guarantee that.
Sold, thanks for looking I recently purchased these from eBay, but whilst they were advertised as an 11E, I'd assumed it was a UK 11E. They're actually 10.5/11E, so half a size too small for me. I'm offering them on at what I paid. The Malvern III spectator, in Chestnut and Beige Twill, on the 202 last. Boxed with shoe bags, sold as only having been worn once and they certainly look like it. Photos to be added when I get a chance. For reference, here's a pic on ...
John Lobb 'Raleigh' country shoes, BNIB, UK 10E for £225 BIN Barker Limited Edition UK 8F whole apron £150 BNIB
Selling for £240 each, he paid £150 each in the Swaine sale. I quite liked the look of the textured one, but the design was a bit too weird for me. Quote: Originally Posted by STYLESTUDENT Seller has three new Swaine folios at an opening bid of $388.00 each. http://shop.ebay.com/malfordoflondon....c0.m14?_pgn=2 Steven
I'll take the CT suit as long as shipping isn't a killer.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance But in the covered marketon High Street there was a shoe store that at the time was having a sale - Alfred Sargents in what appeared to be a wide range of sizes and styles for GBP 100, IIRC. Not sure if it was a TM Lewin type year round sale, but you might find something there. I'd agree - every time I've been they have decent discounts, including half price C&J, so well worth a...
Bicester Village is amazing, and well worth the trip out of Oxford (there's a dedicated bus, and they open late in the evenings). Highlights include; A big Ralph Lauren with great RLPL stock at heavy discounts A Church's shoe shop One of only two Loro Piana factory shops in the world Smythson Gieves & Hawkes (I think this might have gone) Salvatore Ferragamo Hackett Most discounts are around the 50% level, but you can get 80-90% off if you shop carefully
Hmm, could be a good or bad idea to admit the scale of the problem; Black Trickers apron Derbies Black Church's Oxfords Black Yanko full brogues Black unlabelled captoe Oxfords Black Tim Little Oxfords Black Charles Tyrwhitt half brogues Black Church's full brogues Black Trickers captoe Oxfords w/ stitch detailing Brown suede Lotus crepe-soled Derbies Mid-brown Yanko split-toe Derbies w/ rubber sole Brown Kilgour Oxfords Brown Sperrys boat shoes Brown...
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