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I have come across a number of gentlemen recently who have revised my thoughts on style. I have generally passed them in the street, and walking away thought "I wish I had a better opportunity to examine that outfit". This seems to occur because it's not sufficient to be outlandish, but adequate to stand out. I'll also say that much of these seems to be about fit and presentation; something that has compelled me to take more care of my clothes, i.e. pressing my trousers...
Pairs of regularly worn dress shoes in M-F rotation: 4 Approx. miles walked on pavement each work day: 2 Approx. body weight: 150 Typical life of leather sole: 12 months 2 miles is average, but if I do a couple of visits to other offices and a decent walk at lunch we could be talking ~5 miles. Other days it's virtually nothing. I've got one pair of Trickers with a Topy sole because the originals wore down really rapidly and it seemed silly to replace them already....
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung And maybe with a blue sportcoat with brown windowpane pattern. Oooh, I like a clothing purchase that requires more clothing purchases.... Confession - I'm being really good this year. I've got a clothing budget and I'm going to stick to it. I'm going to sit in a darkened room and say it to myself a dozen times.
Quote: Originally Posted by withstyle Is that the EG malverne in Chestnut/Twill? (IMO) Yes - Malvern III. I got a deal that I couldn't say no to, though sadly they're a bit bigger than you need.
Well somehow I've 'accidentally' purchased something that requires a certain degree of panache to carry off. Trouble is, I have to rapidly acquire that panache; Does anyone have any suggestions for outfits, other than the usual linen suits?
This clearly depends on your climate, but I'm going to vote for an overcoat - a well-made bespoke or OTR overcoat in a heavyweight fabric will last decades, and look good whilst doing so. The price is comparable to a couple of pairs of shoes, but f the styling is sufficiently classic it'll be usable on a daily basis without the 'stigma' of wearing an item of clothing repeatedly (like you get with shoes or suits).
Right, I've got too many pairs of trousers in my wardrobe which I'm not likely to wear. Everything is located in London, England but prices include international shipping 1. Hackett 100% cotton khaki trousers, button fly, single pleated. 30" waist, 33.5" inside leg plus 3" turned up. Hemmed, but only worn once £15 2. Gieves & Hawkes cotton & viscose trousers, zip fly, flat front. BNWOT. Slightly redder colour than shown in the photo. 32" waist, 36.5" inside...
Quote: Originally Posted by marin Measurements for #6? Sorry - 30" waist, 37" inside leg (unhemmed)
Quote: Any ideas where amongst the shops listed here I should try? Not sure if it'd matter, but I'm a US8. I'd agree that you should increase your budget - you'll get something for £100 in Northampton, but the train there and back will be about £20. Martin-Stone or John Rushton (addresses on p1) have shoes starting within your budget, but it's pot-luck whether they have anything to suit your taste and size. That said, John Rushton always seem to...
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