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Quote: Originally Posted by Lusitano Someone has to pay this. I'm not entirely defending Patrick, but my understanding is that his MBA was paid for by his previous employer (who offered him voluntary redundancy when they relocated) and that he had to sell a fair portion of his personal possessions (plus his house) when funding his initial investment in Norton & Sons.
A selection of wool, silk, and wool / silk mix scarves, one brown wool tie and one navy silk knit tie. Total damage $15
RLPL for £54.99 BIN
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman AMAZING Henry Poole mink-lined DB overcoatwith astrakhan collar! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Why oh why couldn't that be my size.
Just to note that I viewed some more of the Cheaney Imperial models in Harrods this afternoon. I was really impressed, even having them sat alongside Lobbs and EGs (note - I'm not saying they were better, simply that they didn't disgrace themselves). The overall make is really nice, and some of the leather finishes are great - I didn't like the bronzey brown much, but they had some sublime 'museum'ish finish dark olive green loafers with what looked damned like a...
Photos to follow, but two pairs of John Lobb - City II captoe Oxford and Seymour semi-brogue Oxford. Both black calf and roughly my size. Price was a bit steep as this was a 'good' shop, but I'm still happy.
Another one who'll admit to buying too much stuff that's not right (for more than five minutes at least), and for which I suffer buyers' remorse. Plan for 2011 is to make a list of things I want, and stick to it. That said, I don't have remorse over things I purchased before I knew better - I enjoyed wearing it at the time. Probably the most expensive disappointment was a cashmere Comme des Garcons overcoat that I wore twice and re-sold for a small fraction of what I...
Someone kop this SAB weekend bag and briefcase before I have another brandy and do so myself...
Thank you both - I feel a little embarrassed that there's a list on the Lehner website, I didn't find that!
Does anyone know a source for these, preferably in the UK / Europe?
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