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Can sometimes be found at discount; my initial impressions (I do not own, but have handled) is that you can do better for the money via something like Loake's 1880 range.
Just a couple of trousers I picked up recently that don't work for one reason or another and just covering costs: Loro Piana mid grey flannel - really lovely thick flannel, wardrobe staple. Barely worn - asking £70 for these (retail would be £300) shipping from the UK at cost: Waist 32 Inseam 33 plus 2 Open 7.75 Knee 9.5 Thigh 12.5 Two pairs of Timothy Everest full bespoke trousers; I picked these up from the sample sale. I think these are perhaps full bespoke...
Looks on the short side of classic to me but perfectly acceptable. Depends on the quality and how long you intend to wear it but if you go much shorter it will date quite rapidly.
No - most fabric measurements (certainly all quoted here) are for a square piece - a yard square in the case of oz measurements. The other option is by the running yard / metre which would indeed differ by the width of the fabric.So a 15oz half-width fabric, in common usage, will be the same weight as a 15oz full-width fabric when made into a garment.Oh, and to the OP - tweed of that weight isn't actually that thick and would probably be overwhelmed by an equivalent-weight...
Am I the odd one out - I'll happily wear linen to the office (at least on a Friday, wool suits for the rest of the week) but I'd not wear tweed. That's for the weekend because it crosses the line into being too rural. Linen is casual, but can also be quite urban.
So it's one half of a suit, amended in such a way that it doesn't look like one half of a suit...
Yes - two, one in 9446 and one in 9461, both have had a fair amount of use and held up well. It may be my pressing skills but I can't get the trousers to keep a sharp crease, but the fabric seems very robust, doesn't run excessively warm (e.g. I have some Super 120s 10oz that wear subjectively just as warm) and I hope the two suits will be with me for some time to come.Now you have me looking at the swatches again - tempted to go back for 9436 and 9472. It's not the finest...
Throwing my hat into the ring - initial order placed for a couple of shirts (will send one in to duplicate) and some swatches. Here goes...!
Cream Henry Poole suit which may fly under the radar: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gentleman-s-Bespoke-Tailored-1970s-Savile-Row-Lightweight-Suit-Ref-MZY-/351164127566?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item51c303594e&ssPageName=RSS:B:SHOP:GB:101
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