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I just order with 'measurements and styling as per order [number]'. No 'creep' noticed, just minor variations in how things wear caused by using a variety of materials and weights.
Yes, it's fine. Just that you are paying more for shipping than needed
They're resolutely old school but friendly and happy to send swatches if you ask nicely
It's worth also speaking to HE Box. They specialise in heavier fabrics including coatings, and usually have some interesting stuff. No 'Fox tax' either: http://www.he-box.co.uk/
I've not seen much discussion of shirt shrinkage on here. The one reason I'm hesitant to order more Luxire shirts is all of the 5 or so different fabrics I have tried have shrunk to some extent, but to different degrees and in different ways. Am I alone/ unlucky in experiencing this?
Darker but with a white mottle to it. Unfortunately it's all sold out so I will amend the ad.
Looking at the first photo, the uppermost pair is the British Khaki Twill Chino 9oz whilst the lower pair is the now-out-of-stock Apple Fresco Cotton.As far as I'm aware, Luxire hasn't done any treatment / washes on either fabric. I'm happy with them both; not had too much wear since they arrived in early winter but they should do nicely as the weather warms up.
I have a couple of suit lengths of this Rangoon left and can match that price - I'll list it in B&S when I get back later today.
I had a look through the book at my tailors last week. Seems the 14/15oz pure wool Fresco is being phased out, they had a few swatches left in the book (including something that looked close to the navy blue I have) but they seem to be replacing the heavier pure wool with a Wool / Mohair blend.
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