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Just cutting through the 'types of fabric', which you'll get plenty of primers on:1. SF trends toward the unusual, e.g. Fresco. Cool as it goes, but lay down some basics e.g. mid-grey and navy worsted before you get into the funky stuff.2. Unless you are buying direct from the mill and paying their gouging $$$ prices, there is usually a reason bolts are for sale on the secondary market - colour is off slightly from the norm, or a small defect. This can be fine, but go in...
[[SPOILER]] I like your fit, but I don't like the red / orange tie. Admittedly it depends on what others are wearing at the wedding, especially the groom, but I think there's too much "look at me, I'm SF-approved" with the vest and also a rather bold tie.EDIT: That grey tie works, now I've opened the full-size photo to look at the pattern. Wear that, with the PS from the latter photos, and you're golden.
@Luxire - Maybe I'm not the only one - can we have more solo product shots and less with models - it just adds more stuff around and forces a certain outfit and context...
Bear in mind also the vest you are wearing is low cut and will show a lot of whatever tie you chose. This also amplifies the effect of a loud tie, and can cheapen the look of an (otherwise sharp) outfit.
Ties are too busy for a wedding, especially the striped one. Same would go for a Bengal stripe shirt. I would go for the sky blue shirt and then either a blue or perhaps grey tie in either a solid or a pindot. I prefer the less 'busy' of the two pocket squares.
I have some Bresciani with clocking, but they make such a wide range you need to fine someone who stocks them. Kabbaz / Kelly do, but there may be others:http://www.customshirt1.com/Socks_M_Fun.htmlThe Avel renovateur has a slightly different formulation and lower price than the Saphir one, but in practice I've found no practical difference. Both are quality products.
Purchased from Yoox this week during their friends and family sale but this doesn't work for me. NWT and with spare buttons etc, just putting this up here over the weekend otherwise I'll return it on Monday: http://mobile.yoox.com/uk/41475037JT/item#sts=orders80
I paid it, but I'm assuming Luxire will refund or add it to my account as a credit for future orders.
Done - two more pairs of pants ordered (using the sale code, which is still active) and a mail sent to @Luxire to combine shipping.
[[SPOILER]] Ooohh. Green apple fresco is less 'in your face' green than I thought. Even more tempted to get a pair, perhaps I can add to my current order...
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