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I machine washed a pair of my cotton Luxire trousers once, in accordance with the instructions, and they shrunk a small amount. Just enough to be a little tight on the waist and go from a little break to no break.After that experience, I just pay to get them dry cleaned if they need it.
Oh, come on @Akoa. I appreciate@Bartek's thoughtful analysis but the H&M comment was clearly humour and quite good humour at that...
I'm not sure what C&J policy is on shipping sale items, but when I was in the Jermyn Street store earlier they had cordovan bluchers for £390 in the sale - once you take off taxes that's £312 or $385ish....
@New Shoes1Maybe I am misinterpreting, but the issue to my mind is that Luxire's previous policy (text taken from their website previously) stated they absorbed this cost - not that it was never paid: "Canada, Europe shipping: $25 flat shipping fee on all orders placed on or after 27th-March-2014. Duties for such orders will paid by us. Your cost thus is all inclusive."
I'm a real fan of Luxire, but as others have noted the combination of exchange rates and changes to pricing / taxes mean that my 2017 Luxire purchases will probably be limited to a handful of shirts as I dial my fit in (e.g. price point below $100, where the total shipping plus taxes isn't too different to the old shipping cost). I believe they remain excellent value for money for pants and decent value for money for shirts, but the point where they were unsurpassed value...
Yes - that online suit will need to be altered in pretty much every dimension, which will basically be uneconomical and likely unsuccessful however much you wish otherwise.
The card slots and coin purse are silk lined, and the billfold section is leather lined. Like you say, I'm impressed by the intelligent choices on which corners to cut when making it to a price.
Something old and something new. The new is a Hackett alligator wallet that has me impressed with the quality of the skin, the use of alligator for the interior, and the overall construction quality (machine sewn, but leather lining to the note section and all very neatly put together). The old is a crocodile grooming kit from Garrard which contains a nail file and small comb, both set in sterling silver.
All ties ship from London, England. Prices are excluding shipping, which should be £2 UK, £3 Europe / £4 US and Asia for letterpost, £7 Europe / £8 US and Asia tracked and insured: Panta mid grey cashmere twill, hand-rolled tip 59.5 x 3" £25 On Hold Drakes x LuxeSwap grey and blue paisley wool, hand-rolled tip 58 x 3" £20 Sold Kiton Grey / Blue / Tan striped wool, hand-rolled tip 60 x 3.25" £20 Panta navy marled hopsack wool, self tipped 60 x 3.75" £15 Sold Charles...
Try speaking to @SartodiNapoli
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