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I have that Dunhill map scarf too - total winner, I've had more compliments on that that anything else I own...
Two lengths of the much-missed Minnis Rangoon. Not sure which will be funded first:
Luxire sorted me out :-)
Hoping to order but having problems with the discount code so I've mailed Luxire. Fingers crossed...
Excellent price for some Maftei: http://www.ebay.de/itm/MAFTEI-Vienna-Elegante-Herrenschuhe-Voll-Echtleder-Schwarz-Eu-40-Made-in-Austria-/271768419407
I've used Richard James Weldon before - popped in there and paid cash. I believe they will ship but their rates can be expensive.Another London-based merchant I've had luck with who may do mail order is Button Queen in Marylebone.
Up for sale is 3.1m of charcoal grey chalkstripe worsted from H Lesser, in a 13oz weight. I don't need to emphasise the virtues of Lesser's very classic English cloth with a dry, firm hand. This should be one of the essentials in your wardrobe, and this price is well below what it would cost you to buy direct. Shipping from London, England at cost or free for UK buyers.
Yes they do.
I fell in love with this fabric from Marling & Evans - it was an undelivered custom order so I had to buy the bolt to get a length for myself. I believe it's a heavily milled / napped worsted weave, and in a medium weight (I'd guess 13/14oz). It has a beautiful soft handle and should make up very nicely indeed. At the time of writing I have 10 metres remaining - I'm looking for £20 per metre or £180 for the whole bolt. This is less than half what you'd pay buying direct...
I picked up a bolt of cloth from Marling & Evans. I'll get a jacket made in due course, but I have listed the rest of the bolt in B&S if anyone else is interested.
New Posts  All Forums: