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Those available at the sample sale last autumn were Caruso for sure.
€712,50 is for a single-order pair. The latter MTO price includes the Group discount Carmina offers for orders of 6 pairs or more.Some people are quoting prices on this thread excluding tax / VAT as well. That's only applicable for those shipping outside Europe, and not liable for import tax / duty in their home country.
Not too bad in my experience, and the shop is large enough they get most people in the door at or shortly after the stated opening time.
Stunning Brioni suit made for Wilkes Bashford SF Fabric A slightly mottled charcoal grey with a windowpane comprising a central faint cream pinstripe between a pair of even fainter light blue stripes - as you can see from the photos, this resolves to a single windowpane. It's 92% wool and 8% cashmere, and as per Brioni has the most fabulous hand to it. Styling Single breasted two button with double vents and straight flapped pocketd. Very recently made so styling is...
Tip Top in Brooklyn is a good place to start. IF you don't have a tailor yet you are better advised to find one first, they may suggest or require you get the first suit made from their fabric. Indeed not all tailors offer CMT (Cut, Make, Trim with your fabric) so it would be a shame to buy something and then not be able to use it.
Glaser make custom organisers to go inside their bags, they would probably make one for whatever bag you already have?
I don't think they do. They used to have one online until a year or so ago, and then they started selling a few seconds at their Lime Street shop / concession in the City of London.To my understanding that concession is now closed and the only stock available to the public is firsts from the Piccadilly Arcade store.
And their cloth is great, and reasonably priced (without agent markups) - just funded English Classics 9427:
I think the description is wrong. Does that not look more like the Simpson last? Plus it says a double leather sole which is clearly not the case.
I hope this is OK, otherwise I'll take the post down: I ordered some Carminas in the Hackett sale but then tried some on in store and sized up instead. I have the following all in size UK10, which I'd be happy to proxy on to anyone for what I paid plus courier fees to you / any transaction costs e.g. Paypal. All are brand new boxed with bags. If there's no interest I'll return them to the store for a full refund: Pebblegrain split toe country derby on a lugged rubber...
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