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I think the description is wrong. Does that not look more like the Simpson last? Plus it says a double leather sole which is clearly not the case.
I hope this is OK, otherwise I'll take the post down: I ordered some Carminas in the Hackett sale but then tried some on in store and sized up instead. I have the following all in size UK10, which I'd be happy to proxy on to anyone for what I paid plus courier fees to you / any transaction costs e.g. Paypal. All are brand new boxed with bags. If there's no interest I'll return them to the store for a full refund: Pebblegrain split toe country derby on a lugged rubber...
These are handmade shoes, and very reasonably priced for handmade shoes. Imperfection is perfection. I think you've got to live with those sort of issues - I see nothing that can't be cured with a decent polish and a walk of a couple of miles. Edit to add - unless the leather has cracked at the welt. That should be fixed.
CMT order coming in before 1 July then - I've just been through my stockpile and quite a few liabilities are going to get funded, I've got some great vintage flannel and some deadstock Thomas Mason shirting...
I've had this for about 18 months after commissioning it from Mark at Gizzi Leather (www.gizzi-leather.com) but it's not been used as much as I'd expected so perhaps we can find a new home for it? Fully hand-cut and hand-sewn using traditional saddlery stitching in the same way as Swaine, Adeney & Brigg used to. The leather is of good quality and will develop a great patina with use. It's designed as a large single-compartment case to hold a laptop and paperwork. Overall...
Just to note how great the heavy vintage linen is - rumples perfectly because it has enough weight in it to still hang / drape well, wears cool and feels fantastic.I have a question for those with the Warzone Plus White Oxford - what is your experience with shrinkage? I've washed and dried mine as per normal but it's shrunk by ~1" in the sleeves and also elsewhere. Am I doing something wrong? Have others had the same experience?
I suspect Smedley
Yes, I just double checked. I think the $69.99 have no handwork. Presumably the costing at $90 takes into account the extra effort given they will not have worked with the fabric before.
$90 when I asked recently, I think $60 is for shirts.
This is a truly stunning piece; unfortunately my photos don't do it justice. It's made by Longhi, a top-quality Italian manufacturer (in)famous for the 'tubo' belts. This jacket is in the classic A1 style with dark blue ribbed collar, hem and cuffs. The remainder of the jacket is made from suede, unlined and finished on both sides so that you can either have the napped or plain finished side facing out. The pockets are ingeniously done so the flaps can be pushed through...
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