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I got this too - despite Luxire making >20 pairs of trousers for me with the same specifications, with my BF order they decided to add waistband grippers. Not wild about them, but they're invisible when worn.
This. I think I have five suits from the bunch, it's my go-to for workhorse business suits.I'll confess to favouring the classic weight and finish but don't in any way see it being unacceptable in a business environment (unless you choose a suit in the brown Prince of Wales pattern I recall is in the book).It's also a pleasingly comprehensive book - clearly all of a piece in terms of weight (although some variation in how warm they wear between the different weaves and...
I got a pair of the 16oz raw linen in my most recent order. Half lined in a formal pants style. I've only worn them once and they may soften up with wear, but they are rustic and slightly scratchy.I am not disappointed since they have great drape, but I still think the heavy vintage linen Luxire offers is one of the best linen fabrics I have experienced from any maker and it would be my preference over the raw linen unless you really did want something as much like...
Looks like you rubbed against a painted surface. Careful wiping with pure alcohol (maybe with a Q tip) should take that off, then ensure you condition the leather to ensure it doesn't dry out.
As shown in the upper photo, which allows you to adjust the fit. The idea is since you are always wearing a jacket over the top, no-one sees it.
Ascot give details on their IG post
I think it's Holland & Sherry Victory flannel?
Well the thing is, for the target demographic there will be no jacket underneath - probably just a t shirt or polo shirt. So no need for the additional room.In terms of social explanation, in the mid to late 1990s there was a trend amongst the lower socioeconomic classes to wear what were previously upper-middle class brands. Most infamously the Burberry Nova check, but also Barbour quilted jackets (being cheaper than the waxed ones, perhaps) and Hackett polos.Some brands...
Here in the UK they are recently popular with a younger crowd, who tend to wear them tighter - and I think Barbour has responded with some slim-cut models. However, I'd suggest unless you are below 25 that Liddesdale seems to fit appropriately for the nature and style of the garment.
Sadly not - hard to find the good stuff :-)
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