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Yes they do.
I fell in love with this fabric from Marling & Evans - it was an undelivered custom order so I had to buy the bolt to get a length for myself. I believe it's a heavily milled / napped worsted weave, and in a medium weight (I'd guess 13/14oz). It has a beautiful soft handle and should make up very nicely indeed. At the time of writing I have 10 metres remaining - I'm looking for £20 per metre or £180 for the whole bolt. This is less than half what you'd pay buying direct...
I picked up a bolt of cloth from Marling & Evans. I'll get a jacket made in due course, but I have listed the rest of the bolt in B&S if anyone else is interested.
Lovely jacket by Corneliani from their 'Trend' range; made in Italy from pure linen, in a mid grey with the characteristic slubs and variegation. Three patch pockets, and very little lining internally - just across the shoulders. Unstructured but very well cut. Single rear vent. Excellent condition with no defects. Asking 75 plus shipping from London, England. Measurements are as follows: Pit to pit 24" Sleeve 26.5" Shoulders 20" Length from bottom of collar 33"
I purchased these from Ron's blowout last year, but they're a shade too small so I've not worn them. Both excellent quality by the same factory in Italy - one branded for Paul Stuart (grained tassel pair) and one branded for La Cordonnerie Anglaise (red suede laced pair). Both marked as Euro 44 / sold by Ron as US size 11 which I think is accurate. Brand new, unworn (no boxes) - shipping from London, England at cost. $55 a pair which is what they owe me.
Just also noting that Vass 'Italian' last shoes are 420EUR plus 25EUR for trees and 20EUR for toe taps for any of their stock ranges in any standard leather (non-shell, non-exotic). That's ~£345 / $530 plus shipping. It also includes taxes, though I don't think there's any way to deduct those buying direct. For MTO the Ascot prices start to look like a better deal. Not knocking them, but they do seem to charge 2x Vass prices for any of the extras like trees or toe taps...
+1 on the sizing issue with OEII. I got a pair before Christmas and they're about half a size bigger than my other U last shoes.
Super-cheap BIN for a battered Swaine, Adeney & Brigg case. Could probably get it repaired by SAB or just roll with the old money look: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWAINE-ADENEY-BRIGG-ATTACHE-BRIEFCASE-IN-HAVANA-BROWN-TAN-NO-INITIALS-NO-KEY-/251819428876
Incredibly rare pure cashmere 3a from Inverallan, produced as part of their special line for Japanese retailer NEXUSVII. Nearly 3lbs (1.1kg) of navy cashmere, hand-knitted into what can only be described as an heirloom garment. Purchased direct from Inverallan in April 2014, and worn about five times. Because it was purchased from Inverallan it has the standard '100% wool' tags, but it's very clearly cashmere and I'll warrant it as such / include the paperwork from...
Simon will offer superior quality for similar price. I'm not trying to make too big an issue of it, but SAB quality isn't what it used to be.
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