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I'd consider something like a whipcord / cavalry twill. Just picking the example of Dugdale's White Rose Caldonaire:Something like the above, or from another mill with a hint of green to it, would give you something formal enough to match with an odd jacket, warm enough to do well in winter, and yet also not look out of place with a jumper or cardigan.
Depends. Can you get the cut and styling you want RTW? Then go that route. If you want something that's not available or you are hard to fit then bespoke.I've got custom moleskin and cord trousers because I couldn't find what I wanted off the peg.
Please could I request some assistance? I've ordered a shirt jacket; here is Luxire's stock image: They have given me the following measurements for the 'stock' collar: one piece collar Collar point: 2 5/8" Collar center height: 3 3/4" Lapel: 3" Notch: 1 3/4" I'm trying to reconcile the measurements and descriptions to the various parts of the collar. Is anyone more knowledgable than me able to assist? If it helps I'm trying to bring the measurements down so the...
Pleats, or more ease across the front of the pants. It's a fit issue as much as a button-fly-function issue.
Here you go:http://custom.luxire.com/products/tpr-black-elephant-geometric-print-on-orange-jersey-tpr_orange_black_elephant_geometric_print_jsy_38
@Luxire; do you have any printed / patterned fabrics in stock which are a suitable weight to make into pants? Just curious about something a little fun for holiday wear (so not too expensive, ~USD100), inspired by the Orange Elephant Print:
Unlined means that even with fusing it's not going to be too stiff (since there's not a large volume of material to fuse together), so 'body' is just another term for structure, e.g. "soft but with some structure".
Yes, it's called a Hollywood waistband, or sometimes Drop Loop. Some will try to say it conforms to the lower back curves better, since there's not a horizontal seam across the fabric. To be honest, I think more than anything it's a marketing tool for Oxxford these days. So long as you have the necessary pattern drafting skills, I see no reason it can't be made at home. On the inside of the waistband you'll have the normal construction technique.
Surely this depends on the measurements you give them? For me, I use a pattern which does specifically have a higher back vs. front rise:
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