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You were beaten to it:http://m.ebay.com/itm/331263852976?nav=SEARCH
So many thanks Money, meet mouth. Ordered before I have second thoughts....
Oof that Harrisons is lovely (I bet $$$$, a response to Fox's success) - I like the 90305 but don't think I could pull it off. Can anyone ID this tweed? On a bespoke sportcoat from about a decade ago - thick, soft hand; if it's still available I'd like to buy some:
Thanks for the heads-up, they also have this Bogloli K Jacket for a good price:http://www.flannels.com/boglioli-14-micron-wash-wool-jacket-600495?colcode=60049524
£120 BIN for black Cleverley bespoke lazyman full brogues, in what look like excellent condition. Size UK9: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Georges-Cleverley-Shoes-/251584500689
Perhaps I'm being daft, but I can't even see the navy blue 15/16oz on their site at present? If it's there could someone be so kind as to share a link?
That's cheapest (especially if you pay cash in the store) and a certain way to judge fit, but you just need to be satisfied with selecting from whatever they have in the store on the day you visit, as there is no guarantee they will have a particular model in your size / preferred colour / choice of last.There is a Vass PDF price list on their site; it's accurate and you can take a bit off that for the cash discount.
Amazing unworn Maftei bespoke seamless wholecuts http://www.ebay.de/itm/Maftei-Vienna-Wien-Mass-Schuhe-OXFORD-PLAIN-Weinrot-Gr-43-3Jahre-Garantie-/281364577406
The pair of Vass I have which are Italian polish (they were a stock model, so not my choice) are noticeably shinier all over compared to my other pairs of Vass. Polishing them has reduced the differential but it's still noticeable. Unless you are someone who is drawn to binder or to cordovan for the shine / lustre I'd suggest getting the regular finish.
I have purchased a handful of shirts and a pair of trousers in this sale. I think they have relatively low stock levels and are pretty new to the online sales business so whilst I agree it's frustrating a lot is sold out online, it's not outright surprising. E&R stuff is good quality middle of the road stuff; very well priced in the sale and fairly priced normally (especially given they offer a discount card for frequent customers).
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