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These are mine and have just arrived with me this morning. Luxire did a sterling job, they really are very nicely made and the cream / ecru pairs are heavy (a good thing).Looking forward to my VBC order now...
It's worth asking Vass. As it was explained to me, it's primarily about building up the last as required to give more room, once they have determined which last and size is the best initial fit for your feet. It's not about re-shaping the last for aesthetic reasons since this then has fit implications. You're only paying ~200eur for the work, which I suspect gets eaten up fairly rapidly.
+1Unless they have changed their approach recently, this involves them taking a stock last and making some amendments to it to improve fit. More MTM than bespoke, but nonetheless worthwhile to get a comfortable fit when it's otherwise not possible.
Up for sale is a pair of Vass 'Old English II' style, in the U last and size 46. I purchased these from Vass recently but whilst the U last usually works for me, these fit a bit large. I'd suggest they are equivalent to a US12. Worn three times only, and complete with box, trees, bags and box. Shipping at cost from London, England. Photos will be added later today.
I have that Dunhill map scarf too - total winner, I've had more compliments on that that anything else I own...
Two lengths of the much-missed Minnis Rangoon. Not sure which will be funded first:
Luxire sorted me out :-)
Hoping to order but having problems with the discount code so I've mailed Luxire. Fingers crossed...
Excellent price for some Maftei: http://www.ebay.de/itm/MAFTEI-Vienna-Elegante-Herrenschuhe-Voll-Echtleder-Schwarz-Eu-40-Made-in-Austria-/271768419407
I've used Richard James Weldon before - popped in there and paid cash. I believe they will ship but their rates can be expensive.Another London-based merchant I've had luck with who may do mail order is Button Queen in Marylebone.
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