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Sorry for the quick and dirty photos, I'll try and take better ones in daylight tomorrow. I purchased these when Vincci, an upscale menswear retailer on Jermyn Street was closing down. Double pleated, fairly classic fit. Retail was £250 a pair. Tagged as a Euro 46 / UK and US 30, but fitting slightly larger than that: Waist 31" Inseam 36" Front rise 11" Back rise 16" Hem width 9.25" I have: - One pair in Loro Piana Super 100s charcoal with a milled finish - One pair...
Would be great, let's hope Luxire can do a deal on them...
I picked these up in the Hackett sale over the summer but I have too many similar pairs so just looking to pass them on for what I paid. Carmina 'Detroit' last (usually considered a roomy last), UK10.5, in dark brown calf with a double leather sole. Tried on once in the store so a few marks on the sole, otherwise new and unworn. Come complete with box and Hackett shoe bags. Asking £160 plus shipping at cost worldwide. If you're in the UK I'll include shipping for free.
At Vass. Since it keeps them original, and it's not too expensive (depending on shipping costs).
No,mine have always had them. Maybe if you order jeans style it's different?
@luxire That's eight of us in for 0307 already - do we have enough for you to work on pricing?
In for trousers in this assuming the savings are decent.Let's try and move fast gents - I just picked up some 0315 for a suit, and they have half as much in stock compared to when the idea was first floated at the weekend.
As others have pointed out, this is unlikely since rain doesn't fall directly downward. The only thing to keep your feet totally dry would be a personal dome....
No. But then I'm 6ft 3in, and there is usually standing water on the pavement when it's raining. This is why handling rain is usually about:- Shoes you're happy to get wet, or swims / overshoes- An umbrella- A raincoatPlus accepting that with the above your trouser hems will still get damp. Let them dry naturally, and brush them if necessary to remove any dirt.
I can handle Vass' finishing imperfections - part of the charm, and wholly acceptable for the price. Give me sizing imperfections, when they are supposedly built on the same last, and I come over all @agoodeye
New Posts  All Forums: