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I appreciate there are a number of dependent variables, including the weave of the cloth. However, does anyone have a sense / rule of thumb for how much a pure cashmere cloth will wear than a pure wool? If I have a 22oz wool overcoat, would replicating it in 22oz cashmere make it appreciably warmer?
It's a romantic notion. There are places on a garment where the hand is trying to emulate the consistency of a machine.Equally, there are places on a garment where significant sums have been spent to develop machines that can execute a stitch with the characteristics previously only available by hand-sewing. Not better or worse, just a economy of scale which may lead to a more affordable garment.What is left between the two is an aesthetic preference, as you yourself...
Lovely Maternas for a good price: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Georg-Materna-Wien-Budapester-Massschuhe-Plain-Toe-Derby-42-Uk-8-/381540535176?hash=item58d5968b88:g:tMAAAOSwuAVWt40W
Wholly agreed, those shoes are made for the English who (generally) prefer not to pay too much attention to their shoes. The downside is they will never develop the patina and character other leathers will.
If the fabric looked good, would you consider stocking? From their website it looks like they are also based in India.
On the latest batch of Luxire tumblr uploads: http://luxirecustom.tumblr.com/post/138724751005/luxire-pants-constructed-in-aura-herbal-indigo "Luxire pants constructed in Aura Herbal Indigo Denim" Can @Luxire give more details - the fabric isn't showing up on the site?
Via domestic Indian post? Yes, quite possibly lost but worth waiting a little longer to be sure. Unfortunately perhaps a cautionary tale for others - India is one of those countries it's worth paying extra for a courier service.
It's not quite '2 rows'. Inner 'row' is indeed a full length of buttons to cover the fly. I'll readily admit this is personal preference but once you're used to it, it takes no longer than a fly and with less risk of 'entanglement'.Outer 'row' is actually just two buttons, and there's then a flap of lining that comes across to attach. Means even if you undo everything else the trousers remain in place and secure.
Apologies for the awful photos, but this is a pair of chinos and a pair of the Apple fresco cotton, flat front with side adjusters and no belt loops:
I'd look at the vintage heavy linens - not a blend but heavy enough that the propensity to crease is ameliorated. I have both and prefer the ecru largely for the increased practicality, but if you are nowhere near food, wine or small children the off white is also great:http://custom.luxire.com/products/linen_off-white_heavy_vintagehttp://custom.luxire.com/products/linen_natural_ecru_heavy_vintage
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