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I have some Bresciani with clocking, but they make such a wide range you need to fine someone who stocks them. Kabbaz / Kelly do, but there may be others:http://www.customshirt1.com/Socks_M_Fun.htmlThe Avel renovateur has a slightly different formulation and lower price than the Saphir one, but in practice I've found no practical difference. Both are quality products.
Purchased from Yoox this week during their friends and family sale but this doesn't work for me. NWT and with spare buttons etc, just putting this up here over the weekend otherwise I'll return it on Monday: http://mobile.yoox.com/uk/41475037JT/item#sts=orders80
I paid it, but I'm assuming Luxire will refund or add it to my account as a credit for future orders.
Done - two more pairs of pants ordered (using the sale code, which is still active) and a mail sent to @Luxire to combine shipping.
[[SPOILER]] Ooohh. Green apple fresco is less 'in your face' green than I thought. Even more tempted to get a pair, perhaps I can add to my current order...
There you go - edited for accuracy.I do agree on design quality - they've been raiding the archives, but there must be some real gems in there and I'm not seeing them in the collections.
I'm in the UK so can't comment on the first two but on the third I heard nothing between ordering and the cloth arriving at my door.
Well three of those Luxire sale pants were on my 'to buy' list, so now ordered. Tempted also by the brown moleskin but with nothing except a small swatch photo it's too much to risk $120.
Ecru heavy linen is great, my favourite Luxire fabric so far. Heavy, wears relatively cool being linen, drapes and rumples very nicely.Next purchase will be some linen cotton canvas, since the colours look great.
Two beautiful pairs of older but excellent condition bespoke shoes from Viennese makers: 1. Black four-eyelet formal derbys from 'Julis Haral, single leather sole, hand-welted (shown by dimples in the insole). Lovely quality box calf which is good and supple. Will be supplied with the shoe trees, which are not original but fit well. Very good condition, just a little wear on the sole and a small nick on one of the toeboxes. Outsole is 30cm long by 10.25cm wide, which...
New Posts  All Forums: