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I'm tripping about the dontos part. Getting ahead of myself.
Ahh ok. So was the wildfire convincing, did the tyrion podrick moore thing go down believably, did the florian jonquil thing happen?
THISI haven't seen it yet, but putting the rains of castamere in it will probably make it my least loathed episode. How was the Jon Qhorin situation handled?
Holy shit the rains of castamere. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah..I'm still pissed though
I don't buy these apologetics. Season 1 was mostly accurate to the books.
How are these changes necessary? I'll let the weasel soup and the changing of Jon and Ygritte slide, but the rest of them are asinine at best and flat out retarded at worst.
They cut out Tyrions chain of hands.
I understand changes need to be made. ASOIAF is long and convoluted, and making smart editing decisions will help the story, but thats not what these asshats are doing. Here's a rundown of changes off the top of my head that make no sense and dont help streamline the plot. 1.Killing a bloodrider 2.Stealing the dragons WTF 3.Nixing the Hands chain storyline WTF 4.Making Bronn head of the citywatch 5.Possibly replacing Jeyne Westerling with this Volantis broad WTF 6. The...
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