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So far the majority of your observations and opinions have been pretty good. But saying the HoTU was pointless is just stupid. That chapter is one of the most important chapters in the series. It foreshadows alot of events, and also lays the groundwork for some important prophecies. On top of that it was also a good read. Dany is badass.
You might wanna spoiler that
It is known.These things are good to knowDo you know the two men holding the swords?
No, you're thinking of Elia of Dorne, sister of Quenyten and Oberyn Martell. One of her babies was named Aegon, but she was married to prince Rhaegar.
Bingo. Did the banners give it away?
I know the ASOIAF universe pretty well. I posted a pic a few pages back in spoilers but no one recognized it I think. Here it is Anybody know this event?
Haha, the funny thing to me is there's guys/gals over at asoiaf.org who blow my mind. No on here even recognizes my username, which is ASOIAF related, and even my avatar is ASOIAF related. I'm a serious fanboi.Stitches ask away, I'll answer if I can.
You lucky bastard.I never been so excited for a movie.
You're not alone.I'm pretty certain the person behind the assassination plot was revealed in ACOK. It was Joff by the way.DEADSo I saw the ep last night and I'm still not pleased, but it is the best ep of the season so far. The rains of castamere made me geek the fuck out. I listened to it probably 6 or 7 times, I was buzzed though.
The mud gate is the only gate near the bay I believe. So it needed to be defended with men. In the books its not an open field, it's a relatively small bit of muddy land. Also a moat wouldn't do squat to stop any landing parties. Tyrions main goal was to destroy as much of the fleet in the bay with wildfire so that any forces that made it to shore would be small and easily repelled.
New Posts  All Forums: