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Shit like this is why you don't drink and post. smfh
I feel like being a dick and spoiling everything. Red wedding , R+L=J, Dany's prophecies, Jon's nightwatch future, Sansas future, The role of the brotherhood (which isnt even in the series), Tyrions future, Cerseis future, Tywins future, Littlefingers plans, Stannis future. I'm fucking pissed. Their ass raping my shit. If you can't do it somewhat right then don't fucking do it at all. Fuck Weiss and Benioff.
So they fucked up the HoTU big time, they fucked up Robbs wedding to a character who doesn't even exist, they fucked up the sacking of winterfell, and they fucked up Jon vs the half-hand. I think I low-key hate the series now, but I love the novels too much to stop watching.
The ambitions of lord Baelish know no bounds, and when it's revealed what he has set in motion and who the key is, jaws will drop.
Aegon IV not only legitimized me, but he gave me Blackfyre. The ancestral sword of House Targaryen. I'm no pretender ser. The iron throne belonged to me.
The reanimated dead are called wights, the ones who reanimate them are called others. and there have been 997 lord commanders of the nights watch.White walkers=others is correct. They lead the undead aka wights. They don't come from the king of incest, who I can only assume is Craster. Craster is not a king. He's just a regular wildling who has learned that sacrificing his sons will keep the others from fucking with him.
So far the majority of your observations and opinions have been pretty good. But saying the HoTU was pointless is just stupid. That chapter is one of the most important chapters in the series. It foreshadows alot of events, and also lays the groundwork for some important prophecies. On top of that it was also a good read. Dany is badass.
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