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fvckin n00b dropping dox on the intertubes. someones gotta bash the noob sooner or latter
Well the twerking is nothing new, even the queers twerking is nothing new. Doing it to this kind of music though I havent seen before. Iam not from the N.O. though. This isnt next level ghetto at all. White people say the darndest things.
foo in helmut lang? i wish you had a pic of that.
kunk you look just like the hitman, probably scared the shit outta people lol.
yeah i avoided some of those too, but most of those really really stunk of shit and fail.
Iam an extremely heavy sleeper, I could sleep through a firefight. So I had to get something loud as fuck. Thus the sonic boom. 98 decibels, and an attachment to vibrate the bed. It will wake the dead.
Not too enthused about this, but will watch it anyway. Thats how they get us. Movie execs know without any doubt that comic book fans will go and see a movie adaptation. Its a bygone conclusion. Iam looking forward to Thor the most. On the Superman topic, the next movie should introduce Darkseid. I would love to see that.
How so? He's got an arm, he's got accuracy, he's got legs, his pocket presence is better, he keeps his eyes up looking downfield now. If he gets better at reading the defense, and can start playing at this level consistently. Than yes he will undoubtedly be the best.
Figured I'd put this here. So I recently heard a story from this guy about being bitten by a brown recluse. This was my first time meeting this guy, and I was able to find out that he is quite knowledgeable about taking drugs for recreational use. He tells me that while he was living in florida he got completely ripped off of benadryl. Something like 600 or 700 milligrams I think. While he was sleeping a brown recluse bit him. He said that because he was rolling on...
twin peaks deadwood carnivale jericho
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