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I am the one who knocks.
Wolf teeth and a lack of acting skill?
THIS.When her ass said half a billion miles I actually facepalmed in the theater.
Thought I'd put this here
Exactly as I said. The acting wasn't bad in Prometheus it was the characters. The characters were just flat out stupid, annoying, or useless. Thus you can't connect with them and therefore you don't give a shit about them dying. No one wanted anyone on the Nostromo to die, except for maybe the other female character.I doubt 30 min of extra film can save this film from what it is. Hopefully the sequel answers things much better. Also Sunshine is pretty good.
Not really what?Negative.
I think all can agree the movie is visually stunning, and the basic premise of the film had promise. The problem is the horrible characters, the lack of explanation (yeah I know there might be a prequel sequel), and the plot holes. It's very evident that visually this is a Ridley film and it's also very evident it was written by Lindelof.
Hitler weighs in
I just got home from seeing this. So I read that blog post it was a good read and it makes everything fit very nicely, but theres holes in that guys theory and he also seemed to do a lot of reading into it. I was sorely disappointed with this movie. I wanted to like it soo badly but theres just to many holes and inconsistencies. Also the characters are loathsome. I hated everyone except David. In Alien 123 and even 4 I cared about the characters survival (only ripley in...
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