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I'd like to express my displeasure at being timed out for no good reason and not even being warned about the thing I supposedly did. EmptyM or whatever needs to take his pious ass out of DT if he doesn't like female butts.
A good laugh, but pussy would be the main reason.
So you go to church to get pussy?
The Hitchslap. Missed but not forgotten.
I'm glad you brought up work. Now the religious especially christians can freely talk about their insane, idiotic, or inane beliefs in the work place with little fear of repercussion or ostracization. The same does not extend to a non-believer. I've been forced to bite my tongue and just stfu at work when religion comes up.
I'm hoping very shortly. They should also do the acid in the bathtub.
We have our differences on women, but on this I'm right with ya.
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