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Only person who is insulted from being called racist is a closet racist. True racists don't give a fuck, and non racists don't either.
10.34. You?
AND she gave him a handy on his b-day...while on ebay. That's fucking uncalled for.
You like the flat pre-pubescent ass. I don't understand, but thats your right. So I'll stop posting in great back doors. I'll make my own ass thread. Happy now pancake lover?
I find your kung-fu impressive.AMC and FX right? Point taken.
Ohhh, I forgot about the dick in a bun. That was a visual aid for Kwilk. I was providing a service.So the dick in a bun is what got me TO?
If I posted a nude it was in a spoiler tag labled NSFW. I've seen plenty of posts that show nip or pink posted without spoilers or even an NSFW warning.Also for those who don't like DT because they have skin as thick as a grapes or feelings as soft as marshmellows, stay the hell out or toughen up. It's that simple.
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