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You heard it here first. President Barack Obama has officially won re-election. Carry on.
I don't see a clogging problem. There's only 3 maybe 4 of em that are updated regularly.
Don't hurt to ask.
Yeah...so since the appreciation threads have been moved to the unwiped asshole of the forum, can the nip, bush, pink rule be relaxed a little? I'll keep it tasteful. Promise.
http://cavalrymenforromney.com/ LMFAO
You're born, you take shit, you die. That's about it. There's not much I truly give a shit about. You and this thread are two of them.
My last TO was about six weeks or so for drunkenly calling a member a pussy...in DT. It probably wouldnt have been so long but I think the mods forgot about me
I agree. Baby daddys arise not from pre-marital sex, but from sexually careless people. Also why even bring the term baby daddy into the conversation? What's the point?
Only person who is insulted from being called racist is a closet racist. True racists don't give a fuck, and non racists don't either.
New Posts  All Forums: