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So I spilled a glass of red all over my jacket/shirt/pants on saturday. It dried once but has been sitting in cold water since. I have heard wine-away works to get this out, but I was going to take it to the cleaners today. What is the order of operation here? If the cleaners can't get it out I imagine they will probably set it trying to clean/press it - should I try the wine-away first or after the cleaners?
Did you (fiance) measure the sleeves to that point or did you take it to the bone and they cut it that way? Little shorter than my personal taste but looks good.
nm found
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum After all the disasters in the other Indochino thread, and stories of needing 3 or more remakes before getting a suit that's even remotely wearable, I'm honestly astounded that people still consider purchasing anything from them... It'd be interesting to see their numbers - I'm curious on how many people use the $75 tailoring credit, and how much of it they use, as well as how many need...
can you get away with wearing a fabric belt with a casual suit? think khaki + suede or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Westbound Has the site been extremely slow for anyone else as of the last couple days or is it just me? yes it has.
hey all quick Q I just got a 36R jacket (jcrew ludlow) - looks good with out the button. Sleeve length, jacket length, etc all seem/feel good. However I think the shoulders are a tad tight - the lapel pops out off my chest when buttoned. Is it better to go a size up (and... alter the waist down) or try to get this jacket's shoulders let out a little (if there is even room to)? If I go up, should I go 38R or 38S? Size here:...
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