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Trying to decide if I should go with this one or wait until SGIII is out. My upgrade is overdue at this point, waiting a few months won't matter much.
This is the reason why you go incognito mode on chrom before typing in your username. This forum is very tame compare to some others I frequent.
We'll see if the deal goes through. It'll be interesting what Sprint and Verizon will do after this. Less competition is bad for the consumer.
Does have a straight to dvd quality to it. Read the book about 10 years ago, not sure if I wanted it ruined by the movie. I will probably watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon when it comes out in dvd
I guess regardless of culture. Men are more valuable as they age and women lose value as they age. I am fine with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyoung05 Korean food, eh? like what? Korean restaurants usually serve a variety of side dishes that come along with the main dish. My girl is hooked on them. These items include: vegetable noodle, small dry fish, small fried fish, sliced cucumber, bean sprout, etc. Combine side dishes with chicken, pork, beef, or fish and you've got yourself a decent meal. Cooking always make a fun date.
Testing out some Korean recipes tomorrow and cook them together on Monday for dinner. We don't celebrate Valentines day. Going strong for 5 years.
Graduated in 2005 without debt. Life's been great ever since. Just enjoy every phase of life you're currently at.
From a current Civic owner, get the new Sonata. 1st year of car cycle, dependable, low maintenance, great gas mileage, low cost, etc. I used to own a Hyundai and the quality of current Hyundais are better than Honda from my experience. They are still trying to prove themselves so they have to make their product better and lower price. Also if you get it at the right time and discount, you might get it cheaper than a used one. Do some research.
Used BMW with low mileage > CIvic > Sentra. If you can afford it and its maintenance, go for the used bmw. I am assuming it's a 3 series. I currently have an 09 Civic exl coupe. If you're getting the Sentra or Civic, get it new. I got my cheaper than a 2 year old civic at the time. Good car, but my prior car was a luxury car, so I can tell a huge difference in interior built quality and sound deadening quality. I switched because I switch jobs and have to be on the road...
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