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Are the Kitons European or US size? I need a 9.5 US Thanks
Got a pair of "supposedly" new Barker Black Stratons that were a bit "too small" off ebay; they arrived very streaked with what appears to be some liquid polish in a botched attempt at antiquing. Have tried, saddle soap, Meltonian leather cleaner and neutral polish to little success. Before giving up and having the shoes dyed black, do any of the shoe experts on this site have any advice on reversing the "antiquing" process. The seller says he never used anything put...
want whole cut punched toe in 11.5
might be some interest if we had prices and pictures rather than a list of some guys clients
Any ideas how the 42.5 would equate to US sizes. I.m usually a narrow 9.5 or 10
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Discounts for multiple pairs! 1A) Brand new in box Edward Green Falkirk in Dark Oak Antique. Love these shoes they are just too similar to others in my rotation. Size is 9.5/10 C202 last. The "C" signifies a narrow fit but the 202 last is known to be roomier to begin with. These fit very similar to my 9.5/10 D82 last shoes. The "C" also gives the last a nice sleek shape relative to other 202. Sorry trees not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer At the risk of beating a dead horse, here's another thread inspired by The Great Necktie Culling of 2010. Here are four ties that change appearance slightly depending on the angle from which they're viewed. All four are much prettier than they appear in this image, but I simply can't invite you all over to my house to see them in real life. Sorry, these photos will just have to do. The two on the left use...
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi it's brand new without tags but on a serious note, I list my new stuff as NWT, and if it doesn't have tags visible or say that, it's previously enjoyed - I don't have any middle categories. Either NWT or used. Everything I list is in excellent condition, whether it's NWT or used - I don't sell stuff that isn't, period. Thanks! This sold last week, but didn't work out for the buyer, so relisting a little...
Try them with khakis or light colored linen pants and a brightly colored sport shirt at a backyard barbecue or cocktail party
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