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it's a fly front, so if the purpose is not getting wrinkles while putting in studs then it's totally redundant.
does anyone have it closed by a tailor? i'm wearing braces and it kind of gets caught up on them and opens up as im wearing it. thanks for the answer.
so i bought a tuxedo shirt from luxire and i love it. but there is a slit cut in the side by my ribs. ive never seen this before. what gives?
the shoes stink, but if you're having problems finding shoes that fit, then it may be worth it. you can always order a pair and send them back if you don't like them. i'd check with edmonds MTO first.
Where are the blue shoes, fellas?
also, dont match your date and don't ever go on a date with anyone who demands you wear anything.
he's your uncle, ask him what he had in mind with regards to the level of formality. as to the rest of it: there are no measurements provided with the suit. that right there is a total non-starter. don't buy used or online stuff for yourself in a pinch, and especially don't do it when you have no clue how it will fit. the shoes are not appropriate for formal wear.
It looks like you're playing dress up.
Looks great Foxx.
if you have to ask, the answer is no.
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