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man, every part of that post is worse than the last.
Ha, your pic was actually my inspiration.its looks like thats the house brand of mytuxedo.uk. I take it you were happy with it?
yeah saw that too. i need this by the end of the month.
thanks, but nothing in my size. (38r)
are you kidding me?? next thing i'll hear out of you is that we shouldn't be shining out dress shirts!what a joker!
Hey guys, where can I find a buff waistcoat?
I need a buff waistcoat, preferably shawl collar. can someone point me in a good direction?
So Kent Wang glen plaids are on backorder. what's another similarly priced option?
it's a fly front, so if the purpose is not getting wrinkles while putting in studs then it's totally redundant.
does anyone have it closed by a tailor? i'm wearing braces and it kind of gets caught up on them and opens up as im wearing it. thanks for the answer.
New Posts  All Forums: