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has anyone used this site for estate watches? i did some digging and they seem legit, but the prices seem pretty low and im wondering whats up.
Macy's is terrible, but there are way better ways to spend $250 there. Forget the clothing altogether and go to the home section and pick up a Le Creuset or a good Wustof knife or something actually useful.
Didn't have anywhere else to put this, but just got organized and wanted to share. I'm not actually wearing ALL of it today.
Figured I'd bump this old dinosaur
yeah about the time my mother in law would have gotten involved i would have told her to go jump in a lake. thanks for the kind words on the last couple of pages, guys.
Posted this in other threads, but this is the Suit Supply tux. It did it's job well i think.
Thanks for the help guys. Things went well.
Images from my wedding in October.
don't dress like MC in college. no girls will touch your penis.
at any army/navy surplus store on the planet
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