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don't dress like MC in college. no girls will touch your penis.
at any army/navy surplus store on the planet
or guys, if thats the case.
you're in college. spend that money on drugs, booze and girls.
Yeah if you do a little more searching you'll find the *Official Rockport Shoes Mega-Thread* where we all swap stories of the first time we tried on such high quality shoes, and show pictures of our Rockport collections (though you really only need one pair since they're so great and last so long!)
white tie is dead in the states. if you want to wear it for halloween or NYE* fine, but you may as well dress up as a cowboy or a viking or any other relic of the past. *and obviously an actual white-tie event, if you can find one.
what are you talking about? we all love rockports. probably the only thing everyone here can agree on.
black bow, black waist covering. don't over think this.
Matthew in Chicago.And you can try, the worst thing they can say is no.and please don't start it with "some guy from the internet said YOU can do this"
Yes, but the site's customer service will not do it for you.The individual sales reps can though (and want to since they get commission). I have a good relationship with one of the guys in my local store and he gets me all kinds of things that the website has always said "no" to.
New Posts  All Forums: