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you're on the right track. a black, half polyester suit is a good start. i'd actually recommend going for full poly, 3-4 buttons, and black square toed shoes.
oh i was being sarcastic. i'm really not worried about it.
well thankfully i'm not getting married in england or a church. phew.
so glad i'm not getting married in a church. yeesh.
So I'm going to order some blue shirts today that I can wear spring/summer. i've a couple of broadcloths which are awesome, but too thick for what i need right now. any recs on something that will be worn with suits? i'd like to do one solid and one stripe in something a little thinner/more breathable than what i have now, but nothing TOO thin.
Completely agree......but maybe thats cause im doing the exact same thing in October.
this suit... ...this is not my kind of suit.
john legend slayed. super low buttoning point, could have used a waist covering. but i still liked the look a lot. sleeves are too long, but considering everyone else....
every asshole i pass on the street these days is wearing a barbour.
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