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Should have these boots buy the middle of next week. Just had to have them. Will post pics when I get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe dont fret, those santonis on that website all seem to be made with the same exact pointy last. and they seem to be orange-NON serrated insole santonis, which means they are of a lower line. Can you clear that up for me. Not sure I understand what you mean by orange NON serrated?? Always looking to learn a bit more
I don't think armenak sells online. They had answered no to a previous email I sent about 1/2 a year ago. Please let know what they answer you. sells on line
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn The Cayman is far from a Boxster with a roof, even though they're alike. ok
My daily driver '06 330i also have '99 Mroadster I drive in the summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I think that is a pretty ignorant statement. A Porsche is not a Porsche because of the price tag. It is a finely crafted car or it isn't. I assume a 911 is a "real" Porsche to you, but honestly, that car pretty much defies all logic. It's a rear engine, rear wheel drive car with 4 seats, two of which are completely unusable. The car makes no sense! To me, the Cayman S is a properly balanced sports car with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Aren't those with the funky medallions Canali? I saw them at Harry Rosen too and they look quite well made compared to other non-welted Canali shoes I've seen. They are very nice but I just find them a bit too funky for my more conservative tastes. Canali shoes they are. I think they are well built and very comfortable.
Here are some of my shoes... along with the brand new fam's
To me the cayman is... i can't afford a real porshe therefore I settled for this. (personal opinion of course) The CSL however ( if it is a CSL and not just an M3 with the available CSL wheels) can't get much better.
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