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Not sure if this can be done or not but.... It would be great if you could search within a thread. For example, the shoe porn thread is over 300 pages long. If one searches for let's say Lobb, said thread is part of the search results but you'd have to go through 300 pages to get info and pics. P.S. if this can already be done please let me know how.
pm sent!
Payment sent on 3 and 4 thanks Mike
pm sent on 3 and 4
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Yes, the Rothschild. That's the one pair that I am sure about. Ordering in black on MH71 last. Still have no idea what to order for the second pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Here's link to a ton of bespoke models that Tony created for either G&G or EG. Seek and you shall find.... That's alot of shoes. Thanks for the link.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake Well, I am no shoe expert, but I think we need some more information. Dress? casual? Are there any holes you want to fill in your shoe collection? Do you want something traditional? More edgy? And so on. Yeah I gues i could of been a little clearer. Ok gotta be dress, edgy is good, no black. Honestly I don't really NEED another pair of shoes so i'm really just looking for something different. ...
Looking for suggestions.... There is no trunk coming anywhere near me so I am just about to place an order for a MTO. Since i'm looking at 20 week delay I figured I would go ahead and order two pairs. For the first one I know exactly what I want. However, for the second pair I'm not sure. Any suggestions? last, color, model etc.
Thanks to those that replied. I guess Borrelli is just not for me. There is no way a 9.75 in width in the knee is going to fit be right. I have a nice slim fitting Etro suit and even that is a 10.5 in at the knee. Ah well.
I'm looking to buy a suit of ebay. I'm looking at a borrelli suit in 44r. I'm having a problem figuring out the fit on the mesurements listed for the pants. I'm a 44r in all my suits and so I met with my tailor this morning with the provided mesurements. No problem with the jacket but the pants are listed has having a 9.25 in mesurement at the knee and 8.25 at the cuffs. Now all the pants that came with my existing suits are closer to 10.5-11 at the knee. Are...
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