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I"M SORRY for getting everyone confused. The shoes measure 12 1/8. from tip of sole to end of heel. God only knows how I manage to come up with my last measurement. THIS, however, does not change my description of how the shoes fit. Again I appologize for the confusion.
Guys, These measurements are outside the shoe. I don't how else to describe it but I'll try again. The shoes are 9.5 uk and are to small for me. I usually wear a 43.5 /44 in ALL my EU shoes. And wear 9.5 uk in Crockett and Jones. Mind you I only have to pairs of CJ's. One is the villiers boot and the other is on the 337 last. From what I understand a 43.5/44 Eu equates to a 10 US. So if you are a 10 US these will not fit. If you are a 9.5 US they should...
9.5 UK in CJ. I have ordered another pair. It was just to much trouble (with duty) in terms of paperwork etc to send back for exchange so I just decided to sell these. Can't believe there are no takers at this price yet.!!! Shoes are absolutely beautiful. Lots of PM'S though.
Here are some measurements, from tip of sole to end of heel : 12 1/8 Widest part of the sole is 4 2/8 Hope this helps
*edited with real pics* Up for sale is a pair of G&G Hayes in Vintage Rioja. They are a 9.5 Uk and run small since to small for me. I could of sent them back for exchange but it's a hassle with canadian duty etc. Price is $700.00 shipped North America. International might add extra shipping cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 In any EG or Church lasts? Thanks No EG or Church. Mostly C&J
it's from their stock line so RTW i guess. Square toe last TG73
usually wear 9.5 UK. As I said these run about a 1/2 size too small
worked with Dean. We both thought we'd be on the money. Guess we were wrong. No big deal he'll exchange i'm sure. Figured that since i'll have to wait anyways, that maybe someone would like them instead of me sending them back.
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