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Shoes are sold. Thanks
Now that the subject has been beaten to death, Any takers on the shoes????? No free tie, no free collar stays or links just a great looking pair of shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe yeah i pmed you about the fyi we are all teasing you. it is all in good styleforum fun!!! this is good for your sale thread trust me. Yeah thanks for the PM. Cleared things up a bit.
Ok! lol Well thanks for the bumps )
Ok now i'm confused. Shoes are as described. Anyone interested??
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man I can't say for sure. But I received mine (from Gabor) and they looked exactly (minus the toe medallion) like the ones showing here. Anitque cognac. The soles are Rendenbach. Probably double soled, slightly tapered waist and two toned. they are not a double soled shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Anyone can put any shoes on top of a Vass box, that doesn't mean that shoe is Vass. you're kidding right.
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa Nice shoes! Could you please provide some more details? Specifically, I was wondering how many times worn? What model? Is it oxford, or double monkstrap? What color and polish? Finally, what is the size and price? Sorry for all the questions, but I really like them. Guys i'm starting to think my title and my text is not showing up, because all the info is there. VASS U last Budapest OXFORD in...
the brand is VASS
FS is a brand new unworn VASS U last budapest oxford in cognac with Italian polish. Size is 43.5 Price is $850.00 + ship. Thanks for looking
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