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I bid several times on one product
I used to keep silent when someone crack jokes..that looked so dumb but yet again mission accomplished! :P
you have to be humorous at the same time serious too..its a difficult job to do
90% designes look absolute rough in these kind of bracelets. I dont like them either.
Quote: Originally Posted by pponu The first thing you will learn is that you don't want to work for CK unless your looking to work in a sweat shop in China. No love for CK here. agreed! CK has no love, he has done right.. above all, welcome mate..btw, I am new here too
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark A black suit with a matching tie and pocketsquare would be best for this occasion. Match with a dark horizontal striped shirt. secondary if you don't have black, you can go with brown too
Oh its a good move mate..I dont smoke but my friends smoke too much..i will recommend them this thread.
I ran 7 miles today! feeling so fine..I always rum 6.5-7 miles daily
well for building 6 packs abs, you have to work harder will have to do plenty of exercise and take care of your diet plans
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