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Hmm.. right it was either the maybe dozen people that saw the link for the short time that i posted or the millions that could find it naturally through eBay. .
I'm not buying it for myself, and wouldn't... but i see people pay a lot more than that on eBay.
Nice bin RLPL silk/cotton pants (pajama?)
I know. I've been asked to do this over 5 times from different people on this thread on different items. Don't know if there is a consensus on whether something should be omitted if someone requests it but I just do it so I don't feel like a dick.
edit: forum member asked me to keep this a secret..
Not sure what most do, but I use a browser called Rockmelt on my macbook. It has a wonderful feature that auto-translates any text that is not english. Very useful for browsing any international site and being able to understand the information.
Rider Shell Boot 2 days left @ $400
Great find, wish it was my size.
Barbour quilted jacket $22 bin
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