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The number of times you get laid per month goes up exponentially the more cobbled english shoes and full canvassed jackets you own. True story.
I'm no tailor but I'm guessing he would have to detach the collar to be able to fix it, i dont think it would fit right if he were to just move a button. As far as the body of the shirt goes, ask your tailor for darts.
Valentino Tux pretty damn sharp, north of $1500 retail, super 150s fabric, satin pockets and buttons, one button closure, dual vent, peak lapel, slim fit. and you'll have enough money left over for a nice pair of cufflinks (option 1 and 2)and perhaps a Lanvin satin grosgrain bowtie. Congratulations on the nuptials.
those whole cut bb's are siiiick! wish it was 11d!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...T#ht_485wt_989 canali linen jacket. ends 3days
final drop, if not sold by tomorrow i'll keep it.
sorry, typo. the shell is linen and viscose, and the inside silk
price drop
The jacket is enhanced with a button front (Canali signature buttons), adjustable button cuffs, and two large front flap pockets. The back is not shown, but is classic. Color is a rich navy blue. Shell is a blend of linen and viscose with what I beileve is a navy blue silk lining as well. I would rate condition Rate 8+ out of 10. No stains, tears, or marks that I can find. Measurements: US44 (L-XL) or EU52 (as per the label as it was bought in Europe). Length is 25" from...
It's looking to be a Tom Ford tabacco vanille kind of day.
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