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Almost got it for myself but copped an hermes a few weeks ago nwt RLPL black knit tie $54 binRLBL 44L glenplaid suit $250 bin
Interesting.... Loro Piana Coat M Truzzi silk bowtie $15 bin RLPL purple striped tie $39 bin RLPL cashmere polo $45 bin Beautiful navy Lardini sportcoat 36/38R Brioni python jacket Drake's blue unlined tie Drake's staple navy silk tie
Like I told you in private message. You are new to the forums but it is first to pay gets it. I am not going to turn away a real buyer because you messaged me first. I've had people in the past never send a payment. Sorry you missed the shoes, but it happens.
Retail was over $4000 Color is a solid Navy, sorry for lighting issues Worn less than a dozen times Excellent pre-owned condition Double vent, notch lapel Measurements: shoulder: 18.5" boc: 31.25" pit to pit: 22.75" sleeve: 24"
Lobb dub monks US9 $450bin
E. Marinella ties: $19 bin, $31 bin
belt sold
Vass Norwegener us10 2hrs left http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271112176439&globalID=EBAY-US
$50 bin for aldens is uncommon.When I see aldens in that price range they are either beat up, a very weird last, mismatched, defect or huge (sz 13+) or tiny (sz 7-)good buy.
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