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I've gotten worse stocking stuffers
Belvest Cashmere 44S size (42 tag) for a whoppping $12 bin - no vent
New Drakes Navy dot silk tie ends 5hrs PRL Corneliani strip suit 42R low start Belvest 44R navy suit Ovadia & Sons flannel shirt XL (slim) Brioni 100% cashmere grey tie Valextra weekender RLPL purple satin tie low start RLPL Cardigan L For the trad: Corbin sack suit 42/44R $30bin Green Sid Mashburn corduroy 36 Handrolled edge silk made Italy pocket squares ending soon cheap
Vass has a diffusion line called Laslo Vass. so not every vass is equally high end, so unsure as for the quality of this one.
pre dib if its 44!
hey! I guess I have to take what I said back. Went to a new spot during lunch break today: Corneliani main line navy sportcoat $5, Brooks Brothers silk tie $1, unlabeled handmade in england silk tie, $75 cents. Woo!
Isaia navy striped suit 38S low starting Boglioli cutaway 16 shirt
Saks off fifth?
Thanks for the tip. I've looked in coral gable area but couldn't find many thrift stores in the area. Thinking of trying up near aventura area. Those are the only two neighborhoods I know in the area that can be considered 'old money' type places
Miami is a thrift wasteland. Gone on 3 trips in the last two weeks and all i got was a varsity jacket.. nothing as far as ties, tailoring, shoes. just dead. someone give me a good tip!
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