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Epic Cappelli burnt orange cashmere unlined fall/winter tie
This morning scored a navy Brioni sportcoat with brioni buttons and patch pockets 42R for a whopping $10 at the dirtiest goodwill in Miami. Merry Xmas!
Lobb wingtips US12 $249 bin Cremieux super 160s loro piana made by Isaia 40R $210
RLPL suits, low start (1) (2) (3)
Navy sportcoat 44L holland & sherry cloth $15 bin NWT RLPL 100% linen DB jacket 44L at $115 bin RLPL sz 17 shirt good bin
this vendor has italy made silk knit ties and a drake's cashmere tie at good bin
Unusual RLPL tuxedo 40R Another unusual RLPL tartan tuxedo jacket 40R E. Tautz Fairisle knitted wool vest M E. Tautz by Drake's tie navy Kiton blue leather credit card holder Borrelli 15 white shirt Incotex size 30 Gitman baby blue silk knit made italy Drakes tie (1) (2 unlined grenadine or knit? ) borrelli shirt 16 low start ends 20h Drake tie $35 bin Loro piana Roadster suede and pure cashmere
here you go dude PRL, T&A just msg the buyer before and ask them to make sure its delivered by wednesday. Good luck on your interview!
RLPL Keaton collar shirt ending 10hrs cheap Marinella ties (1) (2) (3) Isaia car coat brown suede 44
RLPL Lambskin Jacket decent bin
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