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Archer Season 3 was added to Netflix streaming.
Watching Predator. Enjoyable and fun movie. The one-liners are great.
I will more than happily step in for Atlas. Just so I can screw stitch on the YHook ties.
Yes, same guy.
Damn, too skinny. If it were 3.25 - 3.5, totally would have attempted to purchase from you. Beautiful purple.
What is the width of that tie stitch?
Sinister on Netflix?
Are you not human!? How does a person who sees and holds a Yellowhook tie not tempted to take one!?Am I taking crazy pills!?Sidenote: probably should move convo to the TSB thread.
Thanks for the heads up man. Bought a 100% Cotton solid navy scarf at b&m location. Made in Italy too. Not bad for $20.
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