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Is it similar in terms of enjoyment like the Uncharted series?
Is "workload" a euphemism for having a girlfriend? If so, focus on your workload, HotS ain't all that great.
True and +1 on the multiplayer part.But I remember single player Starcraft being pretty damn fun and at times, challenging, even on normal settings. Some maps could take a long time to complete.So far, I played 11 missions last night over a 3 hour span... averaging about 16 mins per mission. It feels the enemy a.i. has been dumbed down considerably.
Just played through first three missions. I second Rambo's feeling about normal being too easy. Pretty much slaughter things blindly with little consequence. The voice acting is fine, but the script, holy shit is it bad.
Wow, just went to amazon to see what people were talking about on SimCity... it is getting ripped to shreds.
Installed HotS last night. Haven't had time to play. I hope to play a little tonight on the campaign.
New poster for the upcoming season.Anthony beat me to it. [[SPOILER]] Some insight into the new poster:Decoding The New Mad Men Ad
I will be picking up a copy at a local b&m tomorrow.
Wait, Jr Mouse has the game? Why aren't we all playing? Form a team 3v3. Our collective suckage should amount to one decent player.
I will probably get it. Play through the single player campaign. Not much of a player. And suck at multiplayer. Like laughably.
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