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Just giving a heads up to those who are not a fan of Yellowhook Neckties on Facebook. Looks like they will be discounting their Fall tie collection by 40% starting this weekend. If you haven't purchased a Yellowhook tie yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so at a great price.
This is fucking hilarious!
Thank you Blackhood. And you are right, just keeping him company. Letting him talk. Letting him not talk.
Found out a friend of my best friend committed suicide this past weekend. He saw his wife off in the morning. He stayed behind. Drank tons of liquor. Walked into the backyard. Pulled the trigger. My friend is taking it extremely hard. Feelings of guilt, that he thought he could have done something to prevent it.
Seriously. Jr made a damn funny joke. And somehow, DDL will absolutely shine in the role. Earning himself a 4th Oscar.
Congrats. That's funny, I finished the game about 3am as well. And I also used the sniper rifle, but used that burster gun(controlled spurts of shots).And I agree, the auto save was annoying. Can't quit the game till you got to an auto save.I will probably play through it again in a couple months.And did anyone activate season pass and content? What is it?
That whole setup it killer stitch!
Just finished Bioshock Infinite....the last few moments of the This is truly an amazing game. The ending will stick with you long after you've played. Whatever you do, don't read/watch ending without playing it first. Don't strip yourself from a quality story.
So far I am enjoying the story of the new Bioshock. Like the previous Shock games, it will engross you into amazing environments, interesting characters, and a story line that keeps you wanting to push forward.That's awesome your fiancee enjoys watching you play games for the story. I have a female friend(not a gamer), but she saw me play this game, asked about, and stuck around to watch. The story helps bring up great conversation about such topics as religion and...
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