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Received a Navy Shantung and Blue-Green Wool Hounstooth in the mail today. Will post pics after I enjoy a night out. BTW, I will be wearing the Navy Shantung to a job interview tomorrow. It is a gorgeous tie. Perfect for these hot summers. But shhhhh, don't tell my current employer.
Like others have stated, the Wooly Mammoth is a fun tie. Thick as hell so it pretty much limits its' use to Fall/Winter only.Now the blue-green houndstooth is more versatile. In fact, I just got mine in the mail today. It's wool with a blend of cashmere so it is extremely light weight. The colors are superb. If you can only get one tie between the blue-green houndstooth or the wooly mammoth, go with the houndstooth.Bottom line though, you can't go wrong with either tie.
Yellow Hook Neckties is still having 40% off their Fall 2012 collection. Not much left but worth checking out.
Ordered the Blue/Green Wool Cashmere houndstooth. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Just giving a heads up to those who are not a fan of Yellowhook Neckties on Facebook. Looks like they will be discounting their Fall tie collection by 40% starting this weekend. If you haven't purchased a Yellowhook tie yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so at a great price.
This is fucking hilarious!
Thank you Blackhood. And you are right, just keeping him company. Letting him talk. Letting him not talk.
Found out a friend of my best friend committed suicide this past weekend. He saw his wife off in the morning. He stayed behind. Drank tons of liquor. Walked into the backyard. Pulled the trigger. My friend is taking it extremely hard. Feelings of guilt, that he thought he could have done something to prevent it.
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