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I am thinking about popping the question in a couple months.... might need Stitches help!
About to take the plunge in a couple months. Shopping around for a ring. My stress is through the roof. All for love I suppose!
I was going to jump in, but not sure I can commit to Daily league. Or maybe I am misunderstanding what a daily league is.
Ties that must be sold! I will listen to any offers! Don't hesitate to make an offer, I'm sure we can come to a deal.Shipping is only within the CONUS. Shipping in the CONUS included in price.Buy 'em up gentlemen!**Note** All ties are in great shape unless otherwise noted. Returns and exchanges are not accepted. **Note**#1NWT Ralph Lauren Polo - $20(Blue/Red/White Stripe)100% SilkW: 3 1/2" L: 57" [[SPOILER]] #2Ralph Lauren Polo - $15(Navy/Gold Paisley)100% SilkW: 3 1/2" L:...
Just started playing Dark Souls on the PS3. I have owned it for over a year, played a couple hours, got frustrated and let it collect dust. I am now like 20 some hours into it and loving every second of it.
I haven't played in awhile. I will be back on once I get moved into new place and have internet once again.
Finally got around to playing Arkham City on PS3 this weekend. Wow, what a game!
I never got around to post a picture of the most recent acquisitions: (L) Navy Shantung Silk (R) Wool Cashmere Houndstooth So happy to have picked these up before they were sold out.
Auctions are looking good so far! A huge thank you to Spoo. On a side note, you remember that Charvet tie Spoo? I bought it from you as my first purchase on SF.
Gort, how's the Last of Us? Haven't had chance to purchase it yet.
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