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Just started playing Dark Souls on the PS3. I have owned it for over a year, played a couple hours, got frustrated and let it collect dust. I am now like 20 some hours into it and loving every second of it.
I haven't played in awhile. I will be back on once I get moved into new place and have internet once again.
Finally got around to playing Arkham City on PS3 this weekend. Wow, what a game!
I never got around to post a picture of the most recent acquisitions: (L) Navy Shantung Silk (R) Wool Cashmere Houndstooth So happy to have picked these up before they were sold out.
Auctions are looking good so far! A huge thank you to Spoo. On a side note, you remember that Charvet tie Spoo? I bought it from you as my first purchase on SF.
Gort, how's the Last of Us? Haven't had chance to purchase it yet.
What a great write up Rob!
You have got to be shitting me...
I don't dip the pen in company ink. Well, not anymore.I was just simply going to have the tie hanging out of my pocket. Sort of how like gang members do with a handkerchief.
Just wanted to take a moment to provide a testimony to the power of Yellow Hook Neckties.Wore the Navy Shantung to the interview. I really can't put it into words, but the tie gave me a huge boost in confidence (think of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt). I walked into the office looking like I owned it. Interviewer noted how impeccably dressed I was. I have no doubt this was because of the tie and how it brought together the whole ensemble. Since the interviewer was distracted...
New Posts  All Forums: