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I have had a couple of straps made by peter.watchacc@gmail.com I don't know if he has a site but he all over the watch forum sites and IMO he does a very nice job; certainly very close in quality to the CF and ABP straps I have at about 1/2 the price. I would reach out to him and tell him you are looking for.
No multi-million dollar collection for me but i happen to have this on today.Sorry for the crappy phone pic.The Type XX may not be the classical Breguet but it has a quite a history nonetheless. I know that mine, gold with date, is probably the poseur model, but I like it a lot all the same.
If you like the brand and are close enough e.g. Less that a 45 min trip, then possibly yes, but you will not find too many deals. I have gone a number f times and LP is just a very expensive brand. So, sometimes have some really nice stuff, but the discount is off the ×´retail×´ price, which seems high to me frankly.We are talking about over $200 for a simple cashmere sweater and so on, as I recall. Most outerwear comes in over $1000.Who knows, maybe this one will be different
Too late to matter because it is over now, but I was there this afternoon. There were some nice things in sportcoats and outwear. The were marked down to discount at 75% off some pretty ridiculous "retail" prices. Think 75% off 9k for those or 75% off 3k for shoes; Sweaters were 80% off but still expensive when retail is over 1k and some sweaters a lot more. There were some nice ties for 90 that if i really wanted I might have bought but I really don't need more...
Sorry saw this too late to take photos or check stock in your size. I was there earlier. Speaking generally it is similar (as I recall) to past sales in terms of pricing. You can read prior posts for details. Basically there is plenty of nice stuff, but nothing you can't find for sale either here or *bay and the like. Maybe there will be reductions at the end.
I did from Saks and am about to return it. Nice jacket but I don' care for the raglan sleevesIf anyone is interested in it size 40/50, PM me like today. I paid the sale price of 518.26
The 1912 is one the watches I have always admired and coveted. Actually a decent value these days.
I like Blancpain and many of the models it had made. Some of its complicated watches are truly lust worthy, in my view.The bathyscaphe does nothing for me, but if it works for you go for it.They tend to be expensive if you pay list but there are substantial discounts on the secondary market to be had, at least last I checked.
You might be surprised. I am in NYC and have yet to see a BLNR in the wild. I am sure it is just a matter of time.
They are both great watches, so a win either way in my opinion. One thing to consider, I would suggest, is that the IWC, although not a classic dress watch because of its size, goes well with a suit or sport coat and is much more usable in that way then the Rolex (or Omega that you already have). If that is a consideration, then the IWC may get the nod.On a side note, it's your money, but is it really worth paying 1000+ to get 6 to 12 months more wear out of the Rolex? I...
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