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HaHa ha, I was about 25 when I got my sub and while I did and do love it, and happily wore the hell out of it, it didn't end the madness.There have been more than few watches since. So it goes....
If you are in New York this weekend, you might want to check out the timecrafters exhibit at the Park Ave. Armory. You can check out the site to see the exhibitors http://www.timecrafters.com/brands.html I was there earlier today and didn't have a lot of time so I didn't check out all the exhibits; only the ones that interested me. Some quick and dirty notes: JLC had a really nice exhibit, the best by far of the show in my opinion, with some quite amazing haute...
Mazel tov stitch
From your pictures, I realize something that I have to say I don't love. With the new larger 41 mm case size, the Royal Oak chrono has a lot more empty dial space around the date and registers. Here is my 39 mm prior model for comparison:I guess that is what happens when the same movement is simply placed in a larger case. I have no problem with the larger case size, but the pictures show what happens when the same movement is used.I'm sure it is a beautiful watch as is my...
Sorry about that Man, really sucks. You will bounce back. We have all had to.
Awesome watch. Congratulations
Dino- Far be it from me to an enabler, but some complications are where I would go with your collection.I took a break from buying for quite a while, and then recently picked up a a couple of complicated watches. I definitely want to get more, if things like the budget allow.Regards
Congratulations. Very nice watch.FWIW, you can but a very nice aftermarket 20/16 strap and keep your deployant. You can buy a camille fournet or have one made by ABP Paris. All top quality. While not cheap, you still save some $. There are even less expensive options out there as well.Enjoy
Is that right? 15k for a perpetual calendar in steel is a pretty solid deal, I'd say. This one give you an exclusive in house movement, 7 day reserve so you if you don't wear it a few days you don't have to worry about the hassle of re-setting it and all adjustable with the crown if you do.Not to mention that it is just a beautiful watch, IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: