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Wow, you are correct, sir. The crown does change the time both sides.I haven't had to do this for a while as I haven't taken mine with me the last several times I traveled. Or I am getting old.Still keeping my duo regardless.
I keep the dark dial on home time all the time and just adjust to local time w the crown on the white dial. Just one step.I suppose it might be easier to jump the hours via the pusher, but to me this is no big deal.
Nice watch. I don't necessarily agree with your premise. You can set the dark dial to home time and use the light dial for local time. I have a reverso duo, which is an older model but similar to yours and that is what I would do.
Indeed, I never liked how when AP upsized the RO chrono a few years ago, it kept the old movement so that the date window seemed too small and moved closer to the center, leaving way too much space between the window and the outer ring with seconds.Nothing wrong with making the case bigger IMO or the 1185 movement for that matter (I own the prior RO chrono and it is a pleasure to operate and runs great), but the execution just looked cheap and seemed kind of bush league...
That is quite a collection. Love the JLC Duometre.
Definitely a keeper. Here is mine. I bought it about 15 years ago. Excuse the crappy iPhone pics.
While I kind of get the appeal of this Yachtmaster standing on its own, and I do see the "baller" aspect of it (if that is what you like) it is an example of Rolex following trends already set by other watches e.g. AP rubberclad, Hublot etc. That is not Rolex's thing IMO.Would not be my choice.
I don't know if the OP was going gray or authorized and I don't really know what is happening in the market these days. When I was last shopping for an IWC (about 3 years ago) I went to some gray market dealers both online and in person and kept hearing that IWC (Richemont I guess) was working to restrict the discounting of its products, so the days of 35-40% off list were over. The best I could get was 25% off. Ultimately, I was referred by a friend to someone on 47th...
I don't think you should buy a big ticket item like a watch just because it can be had at a discount. That said, 40% is pretty good.I don't agree with the other comments regarding IWC in general. IWC makes some choice watches IMO, as well as some clunkers, like pretty much every brand. The Portuguese, which you refer to is my favorite IWC line. I like most (but not all) of the models.As far as overpriced goes, that is something that I find hard to put one's finger on when...
Nice! Enjoy and wear in health.
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