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I like Blancpain and many of the models it had made. Some of its complicated watches are truly lust worthy, in my view.The bathyscaphe does nothing for me, but if it works for you go for it.They tend to be expensive if you pay list but there are substantial discounts on the secondary market to be had, at least last I checked.
You might be surprised. I am in NYC and have yet to see a BLNR in the wild. I am sure it is just a matter of time.
They are both great watches, so a win either way in my opinion. One thing to consider, I would suggest, is that the IWC, although not a classic dress watch because of its size, goes well with a suit or sport coat and is much more usable in that way then the Rolex (or Omega that you already have). If that is a consideration, then the IWC may get the nod.On a side note, it's your money, but is it really worth paying 1000+ to get 6 to 12 months more wear out of the Rolex? I...
I have this on today. Not the same watch but same family and similar dimensions. I don't have a large wrist but I think it works. It is easier to wear with French cuffs if I wear a suit.
I like all the Portuguese automatics but I am not a fan of that version. The blue numerals and hands IMO take away from the clean lines of the watch. My favorite variation is the rose gold w white dial, notwithstanding it's bulk, is actually very elegant. The stainless with black dial and the white gold with grey (they call it ardoise) are really nice too.They are all big watches and don't always go easily under shirt cuffs if that matters to you.
I have bought at auctions and if you can go to the showings it' can be a great way to see lots of different watched under one roof at one time. As for buying it's very easy to get carried away during the bidding. The adrenaline starts pumping and you forget about things like the buyer's premium and sales tax and some other fees that get added to the hammer price, with the result that you end up paying more hat you intended to. I speak from experience. I'd say the less fun...
Really nice. Congratulations and enjoy in good health
Congratulations. Looks like a keeper.
Congratulation. Wear it in good health.
Don't listen to the A.D. and don't listen to all the Internet experts either. Do what you like. I have a date sub and I'm very happy I got it. I understand the appeal of the no date sub, I just like the date sub more. Plenty of people disagree with me. Who cares?It's your watch, your call.
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