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I am really liking my Nyco. It has a lot of pockets and such which I am a sucker for. I don't really get what the strap inside is supposed to do. I suppose its supposed to be a carry strap like acronym's but it seems kind of awkward.
If it was with the wedge sole I would put money down for it right now
Purchased from B/S and never worn. It is practically new. It's a Size 2 (39" chest, 15.5" shoulder, 26" sleeve, 27" length). Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Shipping will be higher for Canada.
I got this from B/S awhile ago but it is too small. It fits more like a size 5 than a 6. The price includes shipping and paypal fees. The measurements are: P2P: 20.5" Shoulders: 18" Length: 29.5" Let me know if you have any questions.
Bought this new from a fellow SFer. Wore it for only one Socal winter and haven't worn it since. The jacket is still in good condition at least an 8/10. There is a little pilling but there are no tears or stains or smells. I got into a big Schneider and Leder phase but am now looking to clean out what I never wear. I don't think I need to hype this item anymore than it already is but it really is a nice piece. Price doesn't include shipping or paypal fees and feel free to...
Got these boots awhile ago and wore them for a season or so and stopped. I have finally realized I hate wearing boots so these are getting cleared out. They are made in Italy and are in good condition As with my other posts feel free to send offers but don't lowball me. The price doesn't include shipping and paypal fees and I have the original box. These retailed for something like 450 and they pretty much never go on sale. Thanks for looking.
I bought these boots from Tres Bien thinking they were going to be size 43 but ended up with these instead. I never ended up wearing these so I didn't notice until months later and thats when I noticed the scratch. The scratch isn't extremely noticeable and some polish or something would likely cover it up but I never bothered because they're too large. Anyways, I finally decided to clean up my closet so send me offers and we can work something out. Price doesn't include...
Cool interview with Frank Leder:http://mono-kultur.com/issues/02. You can get the whole magazine for free if you just click on the last link on the bottom. Pretty interesting how he talks about incorporating random bits of his past into his clothing making them each unique. Its a shame there are so few stores carrying his clothing online.
Have those black jeans. Really nice. Pretty much like my diors but without the length
Thats strange I bought a pair of shoes for 280 gbp and they marked it as 65. No duties
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