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Still waiting, but it takes them a while to actually ship out, happened last year too.
Is the new one at least longer? I have a charcoal Grant suit from 2013 made in Turkey which was perfect except for the whole cropped look. I purchased a navy one last year, but returned it because the quality wasn't anywhere near as good as the made in Turkey ones.
Any in store sales for Canada day weekend this year? I was in Toronto last year, early July and they had 40 percent off sale/clearance picked up a lot of good stuff you can't get on the online store.
What is more slimmer, in particular dress shirt sleeves, slim fit or contemporary fit?
Their stuff has been common forever in the UK, nothing exclusive or special. Here in Canada i've never seen anyone wear it though.
Anyone work at CM? I heard they are introducing a "made to order" program where you can order the grant suit customized with different lapel options, fabrics among other options coming soon.
bump. want to know too.
ssense shutdown prive recently. I thought this could be some kind of replacement, but yeah looks sketchy indeed.
Are the Premium Cotton V-Neck T-Shirts only available in the S/S? All I see is the dry packaged shit.
checkout niketalk bro
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