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^^I wear 8.5 D in A-E and these Vass 41 fit snugly. I would say they run smaller not larger than a typical US 8.5D.
I thought these were sold already! Excellent deal just made even better.
David, I just received my tie. Wow. Fantastic quality. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!
Very nice and very tempting... I am looking through my Christmas list to see if there were any bad boys or girls that do not deserve any gifts this year.
^^^This. But I do like, "You're not going to sneeze and rip a 6" gash in the elbow of this sweater."
Just received the very nice BC sportcoat. Thanks for the quick shipment!
I received the ties and they were very nice indeed. Maybe it would be good to update the OP as to which ties are still available.
Those G&G soles always leave me speechless.
Drops for the Thanksgiving Holiday in the USofA!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha Brax hw about a group shot? I guess this is why the title is 'porn thread'...
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