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Wow, those went fast! Excerrent.
Paypal sent on BT32!
I have bought a couple of items from WG and he does have some quality stuff. I can recommend and bump his thread!
Added Canali navy sportcoat
I recently got some handmade peccary gloves from Bauhaus leather. Very, very nice. Plus it already has that wrinkly look so you do not have to wait for it! J. Bauhaus website
A, Received the Kiton tie this evening. Wow, even better than the photo suggests! Thanks.
Great buying experiences from xudisco07 (very nice RLBL dress shirt) and warrengardner (way out of this world Brioni SC).
I have the same shoes in smaller size and wore them this evening. Excellent shoes well worth the $$.
Canali Navy Sport Coat US 38R Double-breasted Staple Classic for your wardrobe! Gently worn staple sportcoat. I just have too many navy SCs and need to make room in my closet. This is a classic unvented style which I have enjoyed in all four seasons here in the Chicago area, both to dress up or dress down with jeans. Measurements are: S2S = 18.5 in P2P = 21 in Waist = 20.25 in Sleeves = 23.5 in (~0.5 in to let out) BoC = 30 in Asking $99 > $89 shipped CONUS. Paypal only...
PM'ed you on the Brioni sport coat.
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