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I have these in a navy blue and really like them. 100% cotton, right? Very versatile and use them often now that it is getting to be springtime.
Good stuff as usual, medtech! Your shoe closet must be incredible. I have bought several pairs of Vass shoes from the OP and would highly recommend him.
If you are willing to ship, these guys in Chicago are pretty good.
Here is a link to an old thread where I tracked down a "sought-after" tailor. I have never used him (them) but a few folks from around here seemed to have heard of him.
Satisfactory I think. They have the specialty sewing machine that does it. Nothing special but not too pricey - I thought it was something like $15 per button but I cannot be certain of that.
Have you asked the tailors at Nordstrom Oakbrook? They may only work on the jackets bought there though. I know they can do it as I had some done for a Canali SC I bought there.
I have those Weybridges and they are excellent - I paid more for mine!
Very nice - great seller! Free bump, bro!
Perhaps I missed it but what is the sleeve length on the Caruso?
Sorry these are no longer available.
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