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Wow! That is a beauty.
I wonder if these would set off the metal detectors at airports? Bump for just cool trousers.
Just paid $12 for pants alteration, but paid penance this morning by sewing on button on khaki trousers.
OK, I am in. I will not be using my Brioni sportcoat.
Uhh, I already bought a suit yesterday since I was holding off the purchase in April. May I still join in for the rest of the month or would I be automatically in the doghouse?
Good bargain on a DB Canali sportcoat - ubiquitous navy - classic!
Canali Navy Sport Coat US 38R Double-breasted Staple Classic for your wardrobe! Gently worn staple sportcoat. I just have too many navy SCs and need to make room in my closet. This is a classic unvented style which I have enjoyed in all four seasons here in the Chicago area, both to dress up or dress down with jeans. Measurements are: S2S = 18.5 in P2P = 21 in Waist = 20.25 in Sleeves = 23.5 in (~0.5 in to let out) BoC = 30 in Asking $99 > $89 shipped CONUS....
Done both philanthropic and repair behaviors already! Now, it seems that I am looking for loopholes. Such as, what if I buy something that I am intending to flip on B&S? What if it happens to be my size or OSFA? What if it does not sell and I have to keep it? Hmmm.
Billy Kirk
First time in club. I'm in!
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