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Haven't post on this thread since January, however, since the topic is crap, I have to add the visual experience of dashing into a Mickey D's while on the road, to relieve oneself of too much coffee, and finding someone has dropped a load in the urinal.
I sat in my easy chair ALL DAY without SWMBO once yipping at me, saying to do something.
It must have been about 20 to 25 years ago, when I bought a pair of Italian (don't remember by who) made tasseled loafers. I was proud as a peacock with them, until my wife said something about them being "girlie", but more because of the style and not the tassels. I would have been between 35 and 40 back then. Never wore them again after she made fun of them, and they sat in my closet for about a decade until I finally took them to Goodwill.
Damned if my wife doesn't have at least 4 full length mirrors throughout our house, but not one in the bathroom!
Got to agree: Seems when the most popular baldwin is on his insurance commercial, his suit jacket (when buttoned) has him looking like a over-stuffed sausage. Not good pics for the manufacturer.
I have several pairs of trousers and one JAB suit, that have the "traveler's crease". I have had no issue whatsoever with it, and with dry cleaning/pressing of the same.
Always seems when you have, there are others wanting to hook up with you. When you are in a dry spell, nothing seems to work.
A few years back, a trucking exec took me and two others to a baseball game. As our departure was upon conclusion of a work day, we were all somewhat dressed up. At our arrival at the stadium, the trucking guy jumped into the back seat, changed clothes, coming out with the tightest, shortest khaki shorts and skin tight muscle t-shirt.For the rest of the evening the rest of us sidled away from trucking guy at every chance. Don't know or care about trucking guy's sexual...
I've adopted beagles several different times from a specific, somewhat local shelter. This shelter suggests taking the dog home for a week or two before everything is finalized. Of the two beagles we adopted, the first one, Mac was absolutely the best dog ever. The second one, Cooper, is giving Mac a run for his money. Both were perfectly trained and very gentle. Mac had more of a proclivity to run out the door, but he always returned.Unfortunately, Mac had liver...
I'm also of the opinion of dislike for black dress pants, but that's just me. I also do not subscribe to the notion of wearing a tie without a jacket (or worse yet, blue jeans, with a plaid shirt and a tie).
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