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I actually bought this watch new only a month ago. Zenith's new lines are vastly improved in terms of appearance in my opinion. Their new aesthetics, coupled with the history and movement makes them an excellent choice for the price-point (4-10k).
Taking pictures at work to kill time.
All of your SC are steals..
Surprised this hasn't gone. That's a fantastic SC for the price.
Can't believe there are this many left. Kiton ties for 70$ with lots of good patterns left.
Classic coat, and great price.
Wish this were 38L. It's a steal.
I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but one solution would be to go out to bars, and talk to ugly fat chicks. They are a sure thing, and you can start learning the ropes there. Pussy ain't got not face.
Generally speaking everyone will be poorly dressed. Simply having something that fits will make you in the upper echelon in terms of style, but I would also suggest a sportcoat and khakis. Depends to some extent on what field of research you are presenting in though. While doing basic science research many people looked completely ridiculous, but having moved in to a different field (head and neck surgery), most presenters in this field will wear a suit.
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