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Just to update the status here: they got back to me today and shipped the correct size, refunded me the cost of return shipping, and said they are sending me a free set of shoe trees. I'm glad this was settled and feel they've done a good job in correcting the issue.
So, a few weeks ago I ordered a pair of hand made Church's shoes from They sent me the shoes in the wrong size, asked me to send them back and said they would ship me the right size immediately and compensate me for shipping costs by including their wooden shoe tree. So, I tried to refuse the package with UPS, but they ended up putting it in their local warehouse for 5 days while trying to contact Herring Shoes to pay for the shipping cost. Mind...
What is up with all these cuffed slacks? Might as well be pleated too.
Other than getting dirty easily, the only other problem is that they tend to make noises like "baaaaaaaaa" a lot.
I buy from an in-person MTM tailor that visits San Francisco a couple of times per year, and even after looking at his swatches (which are about 8x4inches), I ordered a suit that looks completely ridiculous (for some reason I thought the stripes were subtle, but in reality they weren't) -- but that was my only mistake. I've ordered around 12 dress shirts and 3 suits, all which looks great. So my take away with MTM is that you're going to occassionally order something that...
Would it be crazy to wear the John Lobb Brington with jeans?
I bought a pair of brown Church's Westbury (on the 173 last) in 10F a few months ago and love them - so I thought I would buy a pair of black Church's, but try a different style. I have since moved to San Francisco, where we don't have a Church's store, so I ordered a pair of Church Saxtons in 10f from Herring Shoes. I received them last week, but unfortunately they didn't fit that well, as it felt like the shoe was pinching the top of my foot when I walked, so I'm going...
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