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Looking for CM in a standard 52...any color but preferably Black.
Like #1, #5 & #6...need in a uk 11 or 12. Does your guy have these items?
Have a CWU45/P in a size 54 for sale or trade that's open to reasonable offers. I'm looking for a CM in a size 50-52 in brown or black. PM me if interested.
Off market 'til September.
Thanks. No ones thinking about boots right now, so if they don't sell soon, I'll just wait until August and put them back on the market.
The post-football season program--no beer or pizza,1800 healthy calories/day, jogging 4miles/day 6 days/week and using nautilus machines. Beginning P90x next week.
Checking to see if anyone would be interested in my Black/Blacked-out CWU-P/45 in a size 54, +1" on the sleeves.Approximate measurements: Shoulder-19", Pit-to-pit-23.5", Back Length(from top of collar)-28", Sleeve-30". In excellent shape...ordered it last fall, received it mid-November. I started a fitness program in January and have lost 35 lbs, so as much as I hate to let it go, I'd be willing to sell for $575 or best offer(within reason) shipped in continental U.S via...
F+B 745/Eternity--http://www.amrag.com/shopping/men/item10071147.aspx .F+B Elf--http://www.barneys.com/Elf/077605017,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS04. F+B Buckle Boot--http://www.barneys.com/Buckle-Boot/501283716,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS04. Can usually get them in waxed suede/nubuck...depends on the season. The Baller footwear thread is your best bet, IMO.
^ +1. I have the black hi tops as well--they are my go-to sneakers right now. I like them so much that I'm almost willing to buy the stone hi tops from this season at...full price. M U S T R E S I S T!!! They are easily as good as CP's, if not better.
New Posts  All Forums: