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Soooo I can still order an MA-1 with the chest pocket? MTM? Please give us a hard deadline for last MTM orders. Was hoping to get my stuff in the queue first before ordering another.
I would say it's brown. I've never considered it to be orange and just wear it as another earth tone Highly recommended.
I added 0.2 inches. I think Drew said before you won't notice an increase unless it's more than 0.5 inches. I should have went up 0.75, but that may make the jacket appear more boxy. Doesn't really matter at this point, still fits fine.I measured at 24 inches and got 23.5. I think I asked for it to be shorter.
My about 6 month old medium whisky calf moto. It's still pretty "armor", but more pliable than when I first got it. Don't wear it everyday though, as Vancouver's rain and snow calls for something waterproof 60% of the time. Plus I have an A-2 and baseball jacket in the rotation. If anyone is gonna order a jacket, my advice is to get the shoulders right and add a bit extra to account for thickness of calf. I simply sent Charly my measurement and never adjusted it after...
For the contest: Navy thermal henley:
For sale is a pair of gently worn Wings and Horns black camo Bush Pant in size 30, never hemmed or washed. I've worn these less than 10 times, no stains or damage to them. Could pass as new if I steam them before sending it to you to get rid of the creasing behind the knees. Made from textured Japanese jacquard camo fabric and finished off with real horn button. Two front functional pockets is Wings and Horns own take on the cargo pant. These pants comes in a slim fit...
For sale is a pair of Epaulet Rivet Chino in size 30, French Blue in 7oz canvas. A true spring transition pant, the material is substantial enough for spring, while light and breathable enough to wear for summer. Made in USA with top notch construction, nothing further needs to be said about how outstanding these are. The color is best represented in the first picture. Brand new and never worn. Asking for $100 plus $10 shipping to anywhere in North America. You can...
For those who own the Driggs pant, what size would I wear if I wear the following sizes: Rivet in 30 only in duck canvas. The other fabrics fit way too tight in the thighs to wear a 30. Never had a chance to buy a 31, since the leg would be too full below the knees. 29 in Weird Guy, Naked and Famous 30 slim in Gustin 29 in Westpoint Chino, Wings and Horns Don't want to chance getting the wrong size, since shipping it back to Cali from Vancouver wouldn't be cheap.
I like to add my vote in for a more tapered fit below the knee. The top block on my 30 slims are not bad, but the leg opening is a bit too wide for me. A 6.5 or 6.75 inch opening would work better. A skinny fit wouldn't appeal to me, just cause I've never found a skinny fit in any brand that would work for me. My thighs are too big from squatting and running.
Is the second batch of the brown/white/red plaid shirt almost done? Regarding the brand, I have about 5-8 of the button downs and a plum sweater. The great thing I find about WvG is the fit of the garments (shirts in particular since nothing off the rack really fits me, but WvG fit is spot on) and price point. The shirts, tees and henleys are definitely great value compare to what else is out there. The fact that I can get the length customized as well just pushes the...
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