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I have a brand new Wings and Horns melange thermal henley in natural/off white color for sale. Didn't fit me in the shoulders, so selling it here. Looking for $90 USD shipped, +4% for paypal. I have sold a lot here and always ship on time and quickly. Shoulders: 17 inches Chest: 18 Front Length: 25.5 Sleeve Length:...
what's the email to contact wvg? I forgot what my membership code was when ordering. Shame on me for not ordering any WvG product in awhile.
am i allowed to tell you guys i want to sell my baseball jacket in medium grey and then link to my classified? wanted to ask instead of getting banned. Thanks
Anyone receive an email reply in the last two days from TOJ? I emailed for a status update from an order on Aug 2013 but haven't heard back. Just worried about it being lost since I'm changing address soon.
Updated with measurements
Decided to sell off my beloved TOJ suede Baseball Jacket in grey. Just didn't get to wear it enough and I want to save funds for another grail instead. Never worn this jacket in the rain and the only visible signs of wear is slight pilling along the cuff, see 6th picture. I've worn it less than 10 times. Comes from smoke free home. Asking $370 + 4% paypal with shipping included to Canada and USA. No shipping overseas. Size 46 with 22" front and 29.5" sleeve...
Soooo I can still order an MA-1 with the chest pocket? MTM? Please give us a hard deadline for last MTM orders. Was hoping to get my stuff in the queue first before ordering another.
I would say it's brown. I've never considered it to be orange and just wear it as another earth tone Highly recommended.
I added 0.2 inches. I think Drew said before you won't notice an increase unless it's more than 0.5 inches. I should have went up 0.75, but that may make the jacket appear more boxy. Doesn't really matter at this point, still fits fine.I measured at 24 inches and got 23.5. I think I asked for it to be shorter.
My about 6 month old medium whisky calf moto. It's still pretty "armor", but more pliable than when I first got it. Don't wear it everyday though, as Vancouver's rain and snow calls for something waterproof 60% of the time. Plus I have an A-2 and baseball jacket in the rotation. If anyone is gonna order a jacket, my advice is to get the shoulders right and add a bit extra to account for thickness of calf. I simply sent Charly my measurement and never adjusted it after...
New Posts  All Forums: